5 Exercises for Sexy Abs


We all know that beach season is coming up.

Time to ramp up your workouts to look fabulous in a bikini and turn heads in your swimsuit.

We all want sexy abs. I know I do.

I’ve put together a short video of my of my favorite exercises for sexy abs.

You’ll notice that none of these videos involved laying on your back or doing crunches and sit ups.

When you lay on your back and do abs exercises, your abs are relaxed for part of the movement and not working.

In a push up position or standing position, your abs are working hard the entire time.

If you can master these exercises, your abs will be in great shape.

If you have your diet in order, your abs will be showing in no time.

To get the best results for your abs, I would suggest a carb rotation diet.

This is the type of diet I used to get my abs looking as lean and defined as possible.

Ok, the exercises that I love for sexy abs are…

Bear Crawls
Elevated Spiderman Push Ups
Mountain Jumpers
Diagonal Mountain Climbers
Knees to Elbows

These exercises hit your abs from every angle.

And even better, a lot of other muscles are getting a great workout too!

I would love to hear what you think after trying these.

Which was your favorite abs exercise? Which one was the hardest to perform?

Please leave your feedback in the Comments section.

Have an amazing day.


  • Naomi

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the video, makes it easier when you have a visual to work with! Some great exercises and they DEFINITELY work!!

  • lil

    The video is not available for viewing

  • Monica

    WOW! those are amazing exercises. Thank you Scott!!! I will try them and tell you the results. Cheers.

  • LA J

    WOW!!!! Great choices 🙂 Felt tighter all over. Not strong enough to do elevated Spiderman, just tried on the ground or even with my hands elevated (gotta work up to it).
    Also…I’m not able to hold my body weight yet, let alone lift my knees to my elbows. Shoulder was injured years ago & still making it stronger.
    Do you have another suggestion????
    Thx for sharing your knowledge is an easy to follow manner!! 🙂

  • Dena

    Hi Scott,

    I tried all the ab excercises and LOVE elevated spiderman push-ups, diagonal mountain climbers, and knees to elbows. Those three really hit my abs hard and made them sore for a couple days afterwards. Thanks for the suggestions!! 🙂

  • Scott J in Ohio

    Great video, Scott! I’m wondering which of those exercises would be best for the lower abdominals?


  • KK

    I think these look great…I don’t have any where to do the knees to elbows, do you have a substitute for that one?

  • Michelle

    Wow!! These look GREAT!! I’m going to try them right now!!:0

  • Julie

    Hi Scott,
    The video & exercises look great but I can’t put weight on my wrists due to a medical condition – any suggestions for abs exercises where you don’t use your hands?

  • brian

    Hey Scott those look like really great exercises especially the ‘spiderman ‘ moves..can’t to try them out..

  • http://CarbRotationDiet.com Jim Labadie

    Great video, Scott! Keep ’em coming!

  • http://ottoastorga.blogspot.com Otto

    The bear crawl and diagonal mountain climbers are new to me. I did the bear crawl at the gym after I did my sprints. I know people think I’m just crazy, but it feels good!

  • Alex

    I can’t wait to try these. I also have trouble with my wrist – knees to elbows is definitely on sub – what else can we do that keeps weight off the wrist? Also, seems there is no great sub for push-ups, but what do you suggest?

  • jim

    For the people that are having trouble putting weight on their hands. Use a low stool and rest on your elbows. I just tried this and it worked great.
    thanks Scott for the great videos and ideas. I’m incorporating many of them into our martial arts studio workouts. I’ve been telling everyone about your site they love it. keep at it

  • Scott Colby

    Thanks for all the comments.

    Jim – thanks for the suggestion for those with weak wrists.

    I just put up a new video of some abs exercises that those with weak wrists could try. Check it out!

    Scott J – I would say the knees to elbows are best for lower abs. I also just did an interview with Craig Ballantyne about the lower abs. I hope you had a chance to listen to it.

    Thanks for all those who have tried these and commented. : )

  • helen

    Hi Scott;

    Thanks for yet some more great exercises to keep us in shape..they are awesome!!!I like the Spiderman exercise..these work the muscles..Helen

  • http://appreciatelifevenmore.wordpress.com Canada

    Does it work for women also? I am just curious since its been a long time that I had this consciousness over bad tummy after ceasarian surgery.