My Top 5 Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Let’s talk about belly fat! ¬†Or more specifically, how to lose it.

By far and away, the question I get most from people over email and on Facebook is “How do I lose belly fat? I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.”

Well, if you’re still asking that question, then you haven’t tried everything, because you obviously haven’t tried my tips. ūüėČ

If you have excess belly fat, you’re in big trouble. Not to scare you, but studies show that even if you are a “normal” weight on the scale, if you have extra fat around your belly, you’re at a higher risk of dying early.

So this should scare you a bit!

But, get ready, because I’m about to share with you my top 5 tips to lose belly fat.

These strategies are fool proof, so you’ll want to print out this email and hang it up somewhere you can refer to it often.

Tip 1: Track Your Daily Sugar Intake. Sugars are found in a lot of foods even in some foods that we would consider healthy.  Did you know that some yogurts have almost as much sugar as a can of soda?

Excess sugar leads to extra belly fat, obesity and type II diabetes.  So you need to be aware of your daily sugar intake.

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Tip 2: Count Ingredients, Not Calories.  Too many of you are obsessed with counting calories instead of eating nutritious, real whole foods.

Would you eat a “diet” food that has wheat gluten, cheese cultures, potassium chloride, modified corn starch, corn syrup solids and about 30 other ingredients?

Your answer should be a no. ¬†Make that a BIG NO. ¬†But many of you are eating this so called health food, and you think it’s good for you.

Want to know what this “diet” food is? ¬†You can check it out here.

Tip 3: Cut Out Wheat! In fact, Isabel Price, one of the top nutrition experts in the world, says that wheat is the #1 inflammatory food out there.  The wheat you find in bread at stores is processed.

Moreover, many people are very intolerant to wheat.  My recommendation is to do an experiment.  Eliminate all wheat from your diet for 2 weeks and watch what happens to your stomach.

Tip 4: Crank Up The Intensity Of Your Workouts! Many people spend their workout hour walking or slow jogging on a treadmill.  To prove it, take a peek the next time you go into as gym and look how many people are on the treadmills vs lifting weights.

The reality is, you should be doing circuit workouts that combine weight training with short rest periods and a burst of cardio.  When you train like this, your metabolism is elevated for up to 2 days after your workout, helping you drop belly fat at a rapid rate.

Tip 5: Don’t Do Crunches! This is an easy one…if you’re still doing crunches in your workouts, don’t. ¬†Crunches don’t burn fat, they can cause back problems and they don’t build muscle. ¬†They are a waste of time. Period!

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Have an awesome day!