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Hope Zvara: Breath – Body – Belief

About this episode

My special guest for this episode is Hope Zvara.  Hope helps people, just like you, breathe and enjoy life again.  Her goal is to help you reach your full potential so you don’t have to struggle to find what works because that can be frustrating.   In this episode, we talked openly about Hope’s eating disorder that she struggled with for years, and how yoga became her weekly ritual of second chances for her to get her life together.  Hope also shared her heartbreaking story of losing her daughter Faith, after only 20 minutes here on Earth, and the lessons she’s learned from that experience that she can use every single day of her life.

One Big Takeaway

You can cultivate tools and skills in yoga, like breathing and learning how to shift your mind’s focus, and learning how to live in your body.  That means learning how to be OK with the skin that you’re in regardless of the thoughts and feelings you’re having in that moment.  This is critical in a yoga practice where you learn about being in the moment and staying in a yoga pose even if you don’t feel comfortable and even if you might not like it.  This is a mirror for everyday life when we’re in situations we don’t like or aren’t comfortable with, and have to learn how to let those feelings pass.  You can learn these skills on the yoga mat and then take them off the mat.

Be Grateful

Hope expressed gratitude for her husband, and had some very kind words to say about him.


Visit Hope’s website at Hope Zvara.  If you’re ready for a Reboot, check out Hope’s Clearing Mental Clutter Mini-Course.  Follow Hope on Facebook and Instagram.

Sheila Viers – Rock Your Dream Life

About this episode

My special guest for this episode is Sheila Viers.  Sheila is a Health and Lifestyle Coach that is passionate about helping women break free from yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage so they can rock their dream body and their dream life.  In this episode, we talked a lot about Sheila’s journey of taking the leap out of the corporate world and starting her own business, her difficult decision to sell Live Well 360 and her own struggles of not feeling good enough and being locked in “body jail” and how she finally broke free.

One Big Takeaway

Every experience along the way in your journey that doesn’t go your way is not a failure.  It’s a stepping stone to becoming the person that can handle what you are now creating.  And if you wouldn’t have had those experiences…those struggles – with business, with risk, with real life challenges, then you wouldn’t have that perspective that you have today with whatever venture you’re working on.  Whether its running a business, helping others or even rocking your dream life, no matter what happens, you can figure things out.  Be resourceful and come up with a solution that probably will be better than your original ideas anyway.

Be Grateful

Sheila expressed gratitude for her mom, and had some very kind words to say about her.


Visit Sheila website at Sheila Viers. Follow Sheila on Facebook and Instagram.  As well as her private women’s only community here.

8 Allergy Friendly Snack Recipes

Hey!  It’s Scott and I wanted to introduce you to Courtney Rowsell, a busy mom, women’s wellness coach, an author AND a motivational speaker.

Whew!  She does a lot!

Courtney is a genius at making healthy food taste delicious and she’s the creative mind behind the protein bar recipe I just shared with you.

She also was nice enough to allow me to gift to you 8 Allergy Friendly Snack Recipes that you can enjoy WITH your kiddos.

Download the 8 Allergy Friendly Snack Recipes Here.


Here’s a picture of Courtney and her beautiful family.


Enjoy the recipes!

With gratitude,


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