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Ultimate Gratitude Summit – Emails

Thank you for participating in the Ultimate Gratitude Summit and spreading the word.

The goal of this summit is to begin to create a gratitude movement.  To show people how expressing gratitude can help change their lives.  Each interview is about 15 minutes and all of the guests opened up and shared some struggles, highs and lows and how they’ve used gratitude to help get them through.

I am also using this summit to help create some buzz around my Indiegogo launch for the Say It With Gratitude thank you card company.  The more people are exposed to this, the better chance it has to get funded.

The link to the gratitude summit is Ultimate Gratitude Summit

Here is a sample email you can send out.  Below is the Say It With Gratitude logo.

Gratitude ALERT!

Grab your FREE ticket to the Ultimate Gratitude Summit

I’ll be speaking along with over 30 other incredible individuals as we’ll share our personal stories on how the power of gratitude has helped shape our lives and who we are today.

If you have a desire to be happier, feel great, have less stress, and have more joy in your life, then make sure you register for this free online event.  All of us have struggled in some fashion and we’ll be opening up and sharing our highs and lows and how we’ve used gratitude in the past and to this day.

It’s 100% online, so you don’t have to travel, and is hosted by Scott Colby.  All of the interviews are short and too the point (between 15-20 minutes), so you won’t be wasting your time.  I’m honored to be a part of it.

If you want a FREE ticket, go grab it now.  The event starts on September 6.

With gratitude,

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Say It With Gratitude – Update Week of August 8

I wanted to give you an update for my Say It With Gratitude Kickstarter launch which is set for September 6, exactly 4 weeks from yesterday.  This has been a fun, but very intensive, passion project of mine and I can’t wait to share these updates with you.  It’s been an exiting week.

I mentioned last time that I’m putting together The Ultimate Gratitude Summit where I’m interviewing over 30 incredible people who are opening up to share their personal struggles and stories and how they’ve used gratitude in their lives.  Over the last week, I conducted 6 interviews.

I’ll be releasing the interviews starting September 6th, the first day of the Kickstarter launch.  If you haven’t done so yet, please register for The Ultimate Gratitude Summit here. 

On Friday, I officially picked out my printer, Yellow Dog Printing, which is local here in Denver.   I had a meeting with them to go over the project and to talk about the designs that I will be using for the first set of cards for the Kickstarter campaign.  Before that, I had a meeting with Lori at Coda Coffee to pick the designs for the cards (which you can see in the picture below).

Lori and Scott cards

We received about 20 drawings from kids in Guatemala through Pencils of Promise, but we only picked 5 designs to start – our 5 favorite designs.

Today I went and viewed the proofs of the cards with the designs we picked and I can’t be more excited.  I mean to see all my hard work that’s gone into this, and getting so close to launching is really what life is about for me.  Check out the cards!

5 thank you cards

I also have been working with my Kickstarter expert, Brandy.  She happens to also be my graphics designer for this project, and she showed me her design of the Say It With Gratitude logo.  I didn’t giver her any directions – she came up with her own vision and design for the logo and I absolutely love it!

Check out the Say It With Gratitude logo!!


The other big news is that I finally hired a videographer named Blake!  He’s local here in Denver and did the video for another Kickstarter campaign earlier this year with fitness personality Emily Schromm that was very successful.

I’ve written an outline of the story we’ll be telling in the video, but tomorrow we will be meeting for the first time to fine tune this.

So as you can see, I’ve had a lot going on this past week, but I’m happy with the progress and the team I’m surrounding myself with.

I’ll be back next week for another update.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.

With gratitude,


Preston Smiles – Love Louder

Preston Smiles podcast image

About this episode

My special guest for this episode is Preston Smiles, a messenger of love.  Preston’s mission is to empower, inspire and ignite a multigenerational movement of radical growth through conscious, creative content, acts of love and living boldly.  We cover a lot in this episode including how Preston has turned some of his biggest pains into his greatest gains, a recent time he was down and struggling and he overcame it, the mis-perception that personal development coaches are always happy and his favorite habit for loving himself more.  He also gave us 3 action steps to take for those of us that are struggling and in a dark place.

One big takeaway

Change your thoughts, change your story, change your actions, change your life.  Our perspective creates our perception.  Our perception creates our beliefs.  Our beliefs create our behavior.  Our behavior creates our experience.  Our experience creates our reality and our reality creates our next perspective.  This cycle continues all the time.  Until something comes in and shakes that up, you will be in this same cycle year after year.


Visit Preston’s website at Preston Smiles and check out his new book Love Louder.  And check out his YouTube channel for inspiration.

Jeff Agostinelli – How To Take Your Life To The Next Level

Jeff agostinelli podcast image

About this episode

Our special guest is Jeff Agostinelli, a life and business coach, and the host of The Next Level podcast.  Jeff spent a couple of years of his life studying the MCATs and getting ready to go to medical school to prepare for life as a doctor.  But along the way, something didn’t feel right to him, so he took a detour and becaome a private chef, traveling all over the world.  While this seemed like a dream job, once again Jeff decided to make a big change and moved into the world of personal development and business.  In this episode, Jeff shares his story of how he’s been able to continuously take his life to the next level and how you can too!

One big takeaway

Get comfortable being uncomfortable not knowing your next step. Get comfortable letting options be presented and saying yes or no based on how you feel.  This is where changes actually start.  Embrace getting uncomfortable and you will see your life change.


Visit Jeff’s website at Jeff Agostinelli and connect with him on Facebook here

Jeff Sanders – The 5 AM Miracle

Jeff Sanders podcast image

About this episode

Our special guest is Jeff Sanders of The 5 AM Miracle podcast and his book The 5 AM Miracle – Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast.   Jeff began waking up at 5 am when he started training for a marathon and this new habit stuck.  As long as we’re intentional with our time and have a reason why you want to get up early and get your day started, anyone can create a new habit of getting up early, even late night owls.  His personal 5 am routine is always focused on energy production.  He even gave some great tips on how moms with super busy mornings can have their own 5 am miracle.

One big takeaway

Jeff began getting up early when he started to train for a marathon.  The only opportunity he had in his day to train was to wake up at 5 am and run before he went to work.  Well, he discovered that when he got to work at 9, he had so much more energy, and felt so much better and there was the potential to get a lot done in those hours that he had previously been wasting.  So he kept the routine of waking up early, even after his marathon ended.  You can make the switch and become an early riser when you’re passionate about what it is you want to do with those hours.


Visit Jeff’s website at Jeff Sanders.