Bootcamp For Boston

To honor the victims and families of the Boston Marathon tragedy as well as to give thanks to the men and women who were there to help aid and rescue people,  I put together a “Bootcamp For Boston” workout that we can all do on Saturday April 27, wherever you are.

Since not everyone has equipment or access to a gym, I’m making this a bodyweight only workout.

To represent the marathon, which is 26.2 miles in length, we’re going to do 26 exercises, 26 reps each.

We’ll end the workout with a 2 minute finisher.

Please start with this Tabata Hybrid warm up:

20 sec work, 10 sec rest for each exercise – 1 time through

1) Squats
2) Push Ups
3) Squat Jumps
4) Get Ups
5) T-Stabilization
6) High Knee Jog in place (jog in place, knees up as high as possible)
7) Mountain Jumpers
8) Jumping Lunges
9) Butt Kick Jogs (jog in place, heels up as high as possible)
10) Mountain Climbers

“Bootcamp For Boston” – 26 reps of each exercise, clock never stops.  Rest as needed.

Mountain Jumpers with Push Ups x 26

Squats x 26

Burpee Jumping Jacks x 26

Suicide Planks x 26

Pull Ups x 26 or Bodyweight Rows Inside x 26 or Bodyweight Rows Outside x 26

One Legged Step Up x 26 each leg

Step Jumps x 26

Prone Arm Raise x 26 (13 each arm)

Dips x 26

Walking Lunge x 26 each leg

Squat Thrust Broad Jumps x 26

Plank Jacks x 26

T-Stabilization x 26 (13 each side)

Mountain Jumpers x 26

Squat Jumps x 26

Mountain Climbers x 26 each leg

In/Outs x 26

Lizard Crawl Push Ups x 26

Jumping Lunges x 26 each leg

Diagonal Mountain Jumpers x 26

Russian Twist – 26 each side

Prone Row with Push Up x 26 total push ups

Side to Side Barrier Jump x 26 total jumps

Bootstrappers x 26

One Legged Hip Raise x 26 each leg

2 Footed Hip Raise x 26

2 Minute Abs Finisher

Plank x 30 seconds

Side Plank Right x 30 seconds

Side Plank Left x 30 seconds

Spiderman Plank x 30 seconds

Please share this with anyone you think would enjoy doing this workout.  And don’t forget to LIKE this and post to Facebook.

One Fund Boston

If you’d like to help out the Boston victims, you can donate to the One Fund Boston here.


This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment. Programs outlined herein should not be adopted without consultation with your health professional. Use of the programs herein is at the sole choice and risk of the reader. The author is neither responsible, nor liable for any harm or injury resulting from this program or the use of the exercises described herein.  Consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

  • marc

    Great idea. But where was the Boot Camp for Sandy Hook? As a foreigner, I find it strange that Americans react really strongly to terrorist attacks (and quite rightly so) but the much more common incidents of gun violence are almost accepted as being normal 🙁

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