Chris Hostetler – A Second Chance At Life

Imagine this.

You’re 5 years old, swinging on your swing set in your backyard with a friend.

The sun is shining.  You’re laughing.  Having fun, like all 5 years olds should be

And then, without warning, you’re fighting for your life.  Struggling to breathe.

You’ve been shot.

This happened to our next guest on The Power To Change podcast.

From that point forward, he’s had to deal with being partially paralyzed, suffering from PTSD, depression, drugs and alcohol.

Fast forward to today and Chris is now a loving dad, about to get married, and is a successful health and nutrition coach, using his story to inspire others.

He shares his inspirational journey about how he made this dramatic change in his life.

So buckle up and welcome to episode #57 of The Power To Change with Chris Hostetler.

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Here are some of the questions I ask:

  • What was your life like after you got shot?  Your school years?  Did you become depressed?
  • When did you start getting into drinking and doing drugs?
  • At times when you’ve hit rock bottom, how have you dealt with it and made changes?
  • What lesson do you want to share with people who have been fortunate enough not to have any physical limitations?
  • You’ve overcome so many obstacles and challenges, what advice would you give to people who have limiting beliefs on what they can accomplish?
  • For someone wanting to make a change, but has fear, what is one simple action step they can take to get started?

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Chris is also running a 30 Day Challenge that kicks off the first week of January 2015.

Probably the best thing about it is that it contains no diets and no deprivation which means you still get to eat your favorite foods!

Check out his Fit And Clean For 2015 Challenge

It’s only 27 bucks and if you mention this podcast, Chris will get you in for a measly $20 bill.

Did you enjoy the podcast?

I hope you appreciated Chris sharing his journey.  What was your biggest take away?  It’s the season to be grateful, so in that spirit, I’d like to ask you: what are you grateful for?  Please reply in the comments below.