Dear YouTube – Why Did You Dump Me? – An Open Letter To @YouTube

Earlier today my YouTube account was terminated without warning and without any good explanation as to why.  If you go to my YouTube channel there is a message that tarnishes my reputation.  I have followed their procedures to ask for YouTube to give me my account back and I am writing this open letter to YouTube.


This is such horrible news.  I’ve spent the last 5 years, since August of 2006 uploading workout videos on YouTube so that you, my blog readers and newsletter subscribers can have some free workouts to do to lose fat, get fit and feel a lot better.  It pains me to know that all my videos are gone in an instant.  All of the workout videos that I have embedded on this blog are now gone.  Over 200 videos, over 600,000 views, countless number of great comments and feedback…Gone in an instant. 🙁


I’m hoping that by writing this open letter to YouTube, it will be read by the right person who can fight for me to get my account back.


Dear YouTube,


I’m not sure why you dumped me.


I hope you’re not going to use the “it’s not you, it’s me” line, because I thought we had a great relationship.


I still have feelings for you and I know they won’t be going away anytime soon.


From that very first video that I uploaded back in August 2006, I knew we had something special.  Over 200 videos, over 600,000 views, tons of great comments and feedback on my channel, are you going to throw that away, all in an instant?


With so much spam and garabge out there on the web, I made special attention to respect your community and follow your guidelines and only upload my best material.  All I wanted to do is help as many people get in shape as possible.


I thought we had something special…something that would last forever.


My brother Chris, who works for your father – Google – could even tell we were meant to be.


But today you shattered my heart.


I was minding my own business and watching the antics of Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon of Pardon The Interruption when an email came in from you.


The email said that my video – 7 Weird Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat For Women – which I had just uploaded hours before, was in violation of the community guidelines.


How could that be?  It was just a short, less than 2 minute video, where my friend Jen demonstrated 7 unique abs exercises.  This was just another workout video that I wanted to share with my blog readers and newsletter subscribers so they could become more fit and happy.


I didn’t understand what had happened, so I tried to click on the video link and got this picture:


When I tried to log into my account, it said it had been terminated.



What’s worse – there’s not even a note of explanation – just a bizarre impersonal and very general note that I’m perceived to be in violation of some term of service and a spot where I can add my email address and ask you to reconsider (with not even a place for me to ask why this is happening).

But I didn’t do anything – and I really pride myself on the quality of the material I put out.  All I want to do is help people get fit, and have some interesting, fun exercises that they can do at home.  All I want to do is help people.


I haven’t even been given the chance to fix any so called “wrongs” that I have done – my account was just abriptly terminated.  I would have gladly done what YouTube asked and made things better.


Sadly, if I don’t get my account back, I won’t be able to provide anymore workout videos.  I won’t be able to help people get in shape as much as I do now.  And that makes me want to cry. 🙁


YouTube, perhaps we can just sit down and talk.  I still want to be able to help people get fit.


Heart Broken in Colorado,



Scott Colby


P.S. If you’ve ever watched or enjoyed my workout videos on my YouTube channel, please post your support below.  Your comment might help me get my account back online.  Thank you!


  • Joyce Beyer

    Dear Scott,
    I have watched your YouTube workout videos & LOVE them. They are very helpful for a person who does not have the time or money to go to the gym, but still wants to stay in shape. I certainly hope that your account is re-instated. I am a New Jersey senior who has been helped a lot by your videos & I thank you. I am looking forward to seeing them again.

  • Joyce Beyer

    I tried to post an objection to the removal of your YouTube videos a few minutes ago, & it did not appear. I hope that it was just an error, because I feel very strongly that Scott Colby's Ab Expert videos serve a real need for people who want to stay in shape & cannot go to the gym because of time & money limitations.

  • timinglis38

    Seriously YouTube? Get your acts together. It's people's livelihood you're playing with here. I know you think you're God, but your not. There are people all over the world who rely on these videos for their fitness campaigns and losing weight. Now, sort it out and cut out the heavy handed crap!

  • jacqui

    Hey there,
    That is sooooooo awful I for one have always logged in to get the expert advise and definitely to watch the videos because it made you be a part of my workout without having you here physically. So You tube please re-instate Scott's account so I can get back to getting the great expert advise he gives. Thank you

  • Karen Z.

    I don't understand why Sott's account would be terminated. His workout videos are among the best. Come on Youtube!!

  • Sallie

    Dear Scott,

    I am shocked! What could have happened..I cannot imagine that they (youtube) think you have violated anything. I love your workout videos, I have subscribed to your videos and checked my favorites so that I can quickly go to them. We need to start a letter or email campaign to youtube so that this can be reversed.

  • Meir Charash

    Dear YOuTube,

    All the way from Jerusalem, Israel, I continually learn a myriad of effective exercises from Scott's videos that have proved helpful for my own health and fitness, as well as the clients I train.

    With all the nonsense on the web these days, why take off such a professional and effective YouTube Account that helps so many people achieve health and fitness?

    Please reconsider – thank you!

    Meir Charash
    Fitness Trainer and M.S.W.

  • Ingrid RSA

    Dear YouTube,
    We all have our off days but you have to understand that on some of our off days Scott helps us to pick ourselves up and keep going till we feel better.
    It seems a bit unfair to dump Scott without a proper explanation or perhaps a second chance?
    He only has peoples best interest at heart and it would be appreciated if you would reconsider and give him his YouTube account back so he can continue to spread the joy.

  • mg mg

    Dear You Tube, please help him.

  • Maria

    Scott, I hope this is some mistake and gets corrected quickly. I love watching your videos -they teach me so much. I will do what I can to help you. Maria

  • Allan

    Terrible example of auto pilot management and good intentions gone haywire. Feel bad for you Scott. I've known you many years and know that this is some wierd misunderstanding or glitch by Youtube. Keep your chin up and keep fighting.

  • Shakeel

    I believe there are very few people out there who would give out so much for free . . i learnt a lot from those posts n uploads . . .would be awesome to have em back . . . Cheers!!

  • loweslane

    I have been using Scott Colby's workout videos off and on since 2007 and have found them very helpful and informative.

    In fact, some of his workouts have helped get rid of my post pregnancy weight gain and I still use his site as a reference for when I cannot remember how to do a certain exercise.

    I am fitter now than I ever was when I was 20, but it is sad and mystifying why YouTube would consider fitness videos offensive or in breach of copyright, especially those from Scott.

    Surely it would make sense to give the person who posted the videos a chance. I have seen far worse on YouTube.

    Give Scott his channel back please.

    I can't workout without it!!!!

  • Kathryn

    This is shocking news! YouTube has made a serious mistake and must make amends immediately. Scott, your videos are amazing and all of your exercises and exercise routines are excellent. I really hope this problem gets sorted out very quickly.

  • Emanuel Said

    Dear Youtube

    It is such a shame that this account was closed so abruptly. I for one found Scott's uploads of educational value, helping me orient my fitness work. I cannot express enough my disappointment at Youtube's approach – especially considering that Scott's uploads were never intended to solicit any business in a deceitful way, nor could these uploads be considered as scam or otherwise illicit.

    Maybe it is time that Youtube grows into an adult and starts appraising what really hurts society and what not…

    In hope that Youtube's gesture can be reversed



  • Bill

    Hi Scott,

    May YouTube realize it has broken a truly wonderful relationship with someone that has AND continues to care for people and their health sooo much.

    With your videos have gained more energy, health, AND even lost some of that much unwanted fat. All that from one Awesome caring dude…the man Scott !

    It pains me to think YouTube doesn't feel your heart and how much you want to help others. With each video, came motivation, a warm smile, and most important of all it came from someone you could feel REALLY cared.

    Here's to seeing your videos and account back so all of us who look forward to them can continue with our progress and those beginning their journey too !!

    Best Regards,

  • James

    I am so sad, Scott. I follow your program plans every day and often look up exercises on YouTube. Your videos are always top quality, to the point, and only as long as needed. I hope YouTube will reconsider. I don't know of any other expert that reaches out to people like me and tries to help them in any way possible. I hope someone will help you get this back up as soon as possible.

  • Dave

    Love this mans videos re activate his account!

  • Bill

    Hi Scott,

    Here's to YouTube realizing how much you have helped others through your genuine care.
    To a man who goes not just the extra mile but ten more to help anyone gain their health and enjoy living too.

    Speaking for myself, your videos have always brought motivation, along with a real interest in ways to get fit, and Truly Enjoy health. All that from a guy who can say Truly IS the Real Deal !!

    So here's to YouTube seeing they are hindering a truly devoted person that is Living for the Sake of Others to help them live their dream of happiness, health, and making each moment in life count. Now THAT is the Heart and Soul of a man who is truly devoted to expressing this care through YouTube.

    May we see Scott and his wonderful Life Rockin' videos back up very soon !!

    Best Regards,

  • Tam

    We need Scott! Give him his account back!

  • karen

    Hope this is an error and u get it sorted.

  • Celia

    This is really too bad. I hope that YouTube would reconsider. I have been faithfully watching these free videos and have followed them as part of my workout routine. They have really been helpful in being able to perform the exercises correctly and in time with the required repetiions.

  • Arif Gul

    OMG how could you tube do such a thing ??
    Scott had taught me a lot and his videos on youtube is the only thing that can keep me motivated .Please Youtube ,hand Scott back his account .

    Cheers ,


    Please get Scott Colby's videos back. The are very instructive and benefit you tube! Dave Olan

  • syj

    Scott's intention is only to help people get in shape, be fit, and to live a healthy life. His videos are tools for him to do that. I urge you to reinstate his account and let him continue to make a difference in people's lives. This is obviously a mistake or misunderstanding-please make the effort to sort is out.

  • Deb G

    Knowing the questionable material my son watches on YouTube every day & then experiencing Scott's videos, I can't imagine how any of Scott's work can be considered Spam, Scam or involving Deceptive content. I hope the account is reinstated asap!!

  • Nads09

    For those of us who can't afford the gym, we need Scott! (He's better than the gym anyway!)

  • ronald urriquia

    Dear scott, i am one of your follower in every program you put in youtube,. it was really a shocking issue. I was hoping that things will get back in right places.

    cheer up!

  • Thorayah

    YouTube please return Scott back his account. We are all patiently waiting to see his next set of work outs.

  • Marshelle

    This is ridiculous! With all the smut that IS allowed on YouTube, I cannot even remotely fathom why Scott's account was closed. I've never seen anything questionable about his videos. It HAS to be an error. Hopefully they will realize this, apologize for the inconveniece to Scott and all those who rely on him for their fitness goals, and reinstate his account with his videos intact so that he doesn't have to spend the time and effort to reload them to the site (and God forbid that he has to remake them). Please fix this right away!

  • Ab Boy

    Hi Scott, you have been an inspiration to get in shape. How could they do this? You Tube should rethink this out and restore the account.

  • Helane Hurwith

    YouTube – please, please, please reinstate Scott's site – we, as trainers, rely on his professional and updated advice and videos – we rely on his YouTube site for new and creative and safe examples of exercises and coaching ideas. His advice has always been for the benefit of our health and has always been posted with the utmost respect for the fitness community. Please let Scott continue to share his thoughts.

  • Heather

    Nooooo. How am I supposed to do the exercises correctly if I can't see a demonstration of them. I hope youtube comes to their senses soon for all our sakes.

  • JuiAnn Blam

    Terminated? Scott Colby is neither a scam, spam, or promoter of commercially deceptive content! Have you tried doing the workouts on his videos? They deliver! And what's more have kept me motivated for a good long time! There is always something new to do, or an old favorite to resurrect and challenge myself with. PLEASE PLEASE reconsider! I'll go flabby in no time and will roll myself to your corporate offices and be a blob at your front door. Then you'll realize what you've done!

  • C Harn

    Scott's videos were very helpful. I am dissappointed that YouTube would remove someone's account without warning. Please explain your actions and give Scott's account back to him.

  • Terin

    YouTube, I see alot of crap with inappropriate content on YouTube. Scott's content is as NORMAL as it gets. No sex, no violence, no politics, no hate, just exercise! I think the mistake can easlily be reversed by reinstating Scott's account. Allow him to continue to help people achieve their fitness goals.

    Loyal Viewer

  • Bonnie

    Hey YouTube, this has to be some horrible mistake. With all of the crazy, inappropriate videos my kids have watched on your site, I find it really hard to believe that one of Scott's workout video's could have violated any so called rule. His videos are used by thousands of people to get in and keep in shape, they are instructional and clean. How can this possibly be inappropriate!!!! Sounds like some "rule engine" really screwed up here!!! This is an appeal to PLEASE GIVE SCOTT HIS ACCOUNT BACK!

  • Connie Dean

    YouTube, Scott is a reputable guy with a big heart. He offers his videos for free to his clients to help them attain good health. He hasn't violated anything but our fat cells. And for that, we are forever grateful. Give him his account back so he can continue his work that so many depend on daily.

    In the meantime Scott, feel free to post your workout videos on . Online Marketing Video DataBase. We'd love to have you!

    Keep up the good work! Your client base will always follow you no matter where you land. Continued Success in all you do!

  • Sherry

    I am amazed that you would take something that is helping people and keep some of those videos that  are so inappropriate. It is really sad that these days the ones that help  someone are the ones in trouble. I would honestly appreciate it if all of Scott's videos are put back up for they do help a lot of people get in shape .

  • Linda

    This is crazy! Scott would never scam or spam anyone! He's helping thousands of people for FREE every day. He's helping us to lead healthier, leaner, happier lives and he's doing a great job of it!
    Someone must be trying to harm him with this incident.
    Scott is a fantastic fitness coach and we need his videos. Please reinstate his account, youtube!

  • Mandy

    This is ludicrous! After having met you in person this summer, Scott, I know that you are one of the most genuine, NON-offensive people out there so for YouTube to have posted something giving the impression that you are scamming and deceiving people is very disappointing. I know that isn't true!

    YouTube…please reconsider and reactivate Scott's account. Mistakes happen…we understand…just admit you made one and correct it like a grownup.

  • She Neil

    How can you remove someone  without a proper explanation? Do you realize how many people you are affecting and all because someone as wonderful as Scott is trying to help people. Please give Scott back to us- we need him!.

  • Dusty

    Wow! I'm so sorry. This has happened to a lot of people and in some cases, it appears random also. Do you have a gmail account or pay for another Google service? Please contact them and ask that your specific account be reviewed for content. You might be a victim of a computer algorithm. Do not give up hope. I know several people who had their account reinstated after inquiry. Best of luck and I love what you do.

  • Christina

    I cannot believe the account was terminated! I watch Scott's workout videos all the time for help with my core strength. His workouts helped me get in shape for my recent figure competition! I have also viewed the video in question that apparently caused this issue and there was NOTHING wrong with it! Just Jen demonstrating some awesome core exercises!!! Please reinstate Scott's account!

  • RON

    What a shame to do this to a dedicated professional whose only intention is to help people live a healthy and wholesome life!! Shame on you UTUBE !! ( MAYBE USING THE WORD "WEIRD" got their computer all screwed up!

  • kemal

    really you tube?that's a jack ass move,he is just trien to help and u just terminate his account for what?so just reinstate his account and let him finish what he started which happens to be helping people for free most of the time so just get ur act together and do the right thing.

  • Blaise

    Say it ain't so, Scott. I've viewed each of these videos. The content is first rate. Come on, YouTube, do the right thing, have an intelligent conversation with Scott, and then give him his account back with all his content restored. This is not a way to do business. Keep on fighting, Scott!

  • Linda

    The video content is instructional and supportive. It has never been sent as a spam or scam.

    The videos should be reinstated, unless Youtube does not support positive role models and only dumb pranks and bad behaviour.

  • Dustin

    I really hope YouTube gets this resolved quickly for you, Scott. You are clearly putting up high-quality content that is enjoyed by thousands of people, and that is supposed to be the whole idea behind YouTube. Let me know how we can help.

    Fit Marriage

  • magillaz

    It's hard to believe – you have a fitness professional using your service to help others get and stay healthy – yet you allow so much other "crap" to be posted on your site. It's ridiculous that you have removed his video library! Please reconsider your decision!
    His work is vital to those of us who are trying to better ourselves and the lives of others.
    Stupid you tube – Stupid!

  • Sain69

    Ok obviously no one at YouTube even looked at the video or any others that Scott has posted because they are great work out videos. Nothing wrong with the content?? Please resolve this issue and let Scott get back to the great work he is doing!

  • Lisa Sanger

    I watched the video yesterday "7 Weird Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat For Women" and it was very helpful. Really, really stunned to see that this was in some kind of violation. Scott's videos are inspirational and helpful for all of us who try to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

  • Jennifer Drake

    All of Scott's content have I have view has been nothing short of respectful and appropriate. He helps so many! Please look into why this happened and do the right thing!

  • Patricia

    Scott is a great trainer providing quality information so that people can get fit and feel better! I am a mom, and those videos help me with workout ideas I can do at home, while caring for my daughter. YouTube should put Scott videos back up, and learn to communicate better.

  • Brittney

    You Tube needs to give you a better explanation of why they deleted your account. That is just BAD business Youtube! You had great videos that I checked almost daily. So sad they deleted your account. I have NEVER seen anything inappropriate on your site, Scott. I hope they reactivate your account and restore all your videos.

  • Angie Jones

    Hey! No fair! I loved Scott's videos – they are the best fitness content on YouTube in my opinion and they helped me come up with ideas for my women's boot camp class. He's clearly helped thousands with his selfless contribution to the world of fitness. That's it – I'm boycotting YouTube COMPLETELY until Scott's videos are re-instated. I can give you a thousand other peoples' videos that DEFINITELY SHOULD be pulled for questionable content – Scott's is NOT one of them.
    Disappointed in Chicago,
    Angie Jones
    Libertyville Boot Camps

  • Kathy

    Dear YouTube,

    Please return Scott's account as "we" need it to help motivate us, and stomp on boring workouts!! I even use some of the exercises in my middle school physical education classes!! We need this account back …. please!!

    Sincerely, Kathy Borski

  • Vivian Galba

    I'm hoping youtube will see they have made a mistake, eat some crow and reinstate Scotts account…then afterwards, they can use his video's to work off the crow! 

  • Jelle de Vries

    I don't know you, but being a health advisor myself I have a strong feeling that something is really wrong here.
    Clearly there must have been a mistake YouTube, so please let this man and the world have acces to his video's again.

    Jelle de Vries
    The Netherlands

  • Amnuai Beckenham

    Scott I am devastated with your news and I truly hope YouTube will reinstate all those years of hard work asap. as a fellow member of our VTA Facebook group I read your post with baited breath.

    If it happens to someone as experienced as you then people like me as a real beginner in video marketing MUST take note and learn, support and help in any way we can. My best wishes for your success with YouTube.

  • Susan Shanks

    I've never seen anything negative or dangerous from Scott. YouTube should at least give him an explanation and allow him to correct anything that seems wrong.

  • Karen Tinnes

    Scott saved my life with these videos. I was in a gym and it wasn't working for me. Scott's workouts gave me hope for myself to lose the weight I needed to lose for my health and well being. in a gym, it is intimidating and I felt self consciense. With Scott's video workouts, I could do them on my own and I gained self confidence and lost the weight. I've never met him, yet with the videos', I felt as though he was my personal trainer and coach and friend. Taking his video's off You Tube is a mistake. You should try them, and then you'll get what i am talking about here. Bring Scott Back, please, immediately. Thank you, Karen Tinnes

  • Sally

    We need Scott"s videos – he helps so many people. Youtube do the right thing give Scott his account back.

  • nisha

    This is TRAGIC! Please YouTube see sense and put Scott's account back online!

  • Ty K

    Scott's website is very informative and cutting edge. He has demonstrated ways to stay in shape without spending a ton of money. He always conducts himself in a businesslike manner. Please try to resolve the problem with Scott.

  • D'Anne

    This is really an outrage and I so hope it was a simple mistake. Scott's videos are an invaluable resource for us "non-gym" rats who like to mix it up and work out at home (which can be very boring unless guided by Scott). Please reinstate his account. There are so many other accounts that need to be policed much more than his exercise videos which are so very helpful to so many people.

  • Edna

    Obesity is a very real problem in America and Scott's videos are an important tool in reducing obesity rates. My health has improved due to his videos and has been instrumental in helping me lose 30 pounds. YouTube, please reinstate his account. Scott should be given a medal for his work.

  • bill calhoun

    Why, why, why?

    At least give a reason YouTube

    Please do not hide behind corporate webbing.

    Its only right to give a fair trial to those whom have perpetuated your rise to fame.

    You–YouTube–have soft porn European-heritage exercise celebs on your channels–Those in the-know know exactly whom I'm referring too. Yet, they remain on YouTube. The true gurus of fitness and fat-loss are given the boot for WHY?

    If this is not resolved, in a fair and judicious manner, there are thoughts of a communal fitness boycott of YouTube broadcasts.

    Can I get an "amen" from those in the fitness industry?

    Scott, keep the faith. Right is on your side

    Bill from Asia…Singapore…USA-citizen

  • Toni

    I am not sure what is going on here. I have always thought of Scott Colby as a great motivator. Why in heaven's name would you unplugged him? Have you seen some of the garbage out there? it seems to me that Scott's message of good health and well being is not valued. Of course if this is all a big mistake, or a big misunderstanding, please take immediate steps to restore his page.
    Thank you so very much.

  • Maria

    I'm really sad to hear this terrible news!! I like YouTube, but how could they do this…at least let you correct the issue!! I used to do the bootcamps here in Dallas with you and I LOVE your workouts, so when you moved to Colorado this videos were my helpful tool to get your workouts! I can't believe this – I really hope you can get this cleared and get your account back soon!

  • Alyce

    Come on YouTube! Of all the junk you have on your site you choose to drop one of the few good things you have. Please give Scott his account back. This is one way I can get a good workout without having to leave home. He is the best!

  • marla

    Come on Youtube! I have teenage kids and some of the videos that are on your site are fare more disturbing than the awesome workout videos that Scott posts! Get your act together and make this right. We love Scott's videos which are helping so many people.

  • Tony

    The greatest thing about Scott's videos are that they are instructional, quick, and precise, but the coolest part each had their own twist. I used many of them myself when he introduced a new or different exercise that I hadn't seen. The resources he provided many of us has been a true benefit.

  • Dianne

    Wow this is crazy. And i was considering to use youtube to help my fitness career grow.
    How can we as consumers help?
    We have enjoyed all these videos and for the sake of helping people. But you keep all the trashy stuff????

  • Jennifer Drake

    Well, after more thought and addtional coffee so that I can type properly…I have decided that not only should YouTube reinstate your account because of its awesome and completely upstanding content…You Tube should addtionally offer a complete explaination as to why this happened when you were following all their rules and procedures. Everyone makes mistakes…apologies are a nice start. : )

  • Gina Parris

    Hey if Scott posted a title that helped people click through and get genuine help, are you really going to delete the account? Come on Youtube – please turn this channel back on. There is genuinely crappy stuff out there that you need to go after – not a genuine fitness channel!

  • Amanda

    I have been using these execises as a guide. Why would you just terminated Scott's videos??? and for no apparent good reason.

  • Amanda

    His videos and good and serves a good purpose. Please reinstate his videos.

  • lili

    Please help the people who need help my reopening the Scott Colby account. Thank you.

  • Don

    I loved watching your videos! I am so sad 🙁

  • MimiStover

    I can't believe this happened! Those videos were great. This must be a mistake and YouTube needs to correct it; NOW!!!!!

  • Deb

    Wow!! What a surprise, and for no apparent reason. Please, youtube, give Scott a chance to fix the problem. You can see he is heartbroken, and willing to work to make the "relationship" work out.

  • Jen

    So like you tube and so unfair. How can they justify terminating a perfectly good and instructive account and still allow so much garbage to run. The account should be re-instated immediately.

  • Wendz

    Dear You Tube,
    This has to be a mistake. What on earth could you see in any of his videos what would offend or breach your violations. I have seen other You Tube clips that I have thought breach many standards and these still are allowed to be accessed.

    Scott's videos were inspirational and educational and encourages people to live healthy lives and get fit.

    Surely this must be an error and that you will quickly correct it
    Surely this is just a genuine

  • Parastoo

    Dear Scott ,
    I feel so sorry for this strange happening,
    Your knowledge helped me a lot,I enjoy watching your videos.
    Hope it will be ok soon.

    You tube!!get them back.

  • Kay

    I can't believe it….With all the questionable videos on youtube, why would youtube remove an account of someone who is out to help everyone. I love looking at all the videos, they help me figure out my routines I'm going to do at the gym. I'm very disappointed:(((

  • khushi

    scott….ur vedios r the only sourse of fitness motivation and information i have……dont let utube take away this frm me for sm random reason

  • Larry Wasserman

    Dear YouTube,

    Scott Colby was instrumental in helping me develop my own fitness business back in late 2006. Over the years he has demonstrated time and time again that he is a consummate fitness professional adding genuine value to human life.

    I find it extremely hard to believe that Google has taken this position on Scott Colby's account. It just does not make sense. I believe there must be a mistake, or a misunderstanding of intention. I hope that Google takes the time to review the matter and come to the conclusion that they made a mistake and reverse their decision.

    What also concerns me is the uncomfortable feeling that I might be next. Is this the kind of world we want to live in? Do we now have to fear Google?

  • Marc Chrys

    Am very surprised Scott's fitness videos have been removed. Scott always creates helpful informative exercise routines. Please see sense and reinstate his domain.

    Marc (England)

  • Ann

    Your videos are inspiring. Your workouts are good and healthy! Thanks for caring and giving back to your community. Please re-instate his videos.

  • Seth

    Your videos should be reinstated; I see no violation of policy.

    You should now know not to trust Google for anything important. They are untrustworthy.

  • Sue Angelicchio

    Dear You Tube please give Scott Colby his account back. I have been following his video's and blogs for quite some time now and immensely enjoy the informative information he provides for all of us who don't have the education and knowledge that he imparts on our daily lives. I also receive trusted emails and have him facebooked so i can always make sure to get the most current information he freely provides us in order to make our lives better and healthier. This is a great injustice to Scott since he is so helpful. If there are some perceived problems then boldly state them so Scott can change what you feel is inappropriate so he can start posting what we all look forward to each day.

  • sean malarkey

    Damn – YouTube really? Scott – I only saw a few of your videos and had bookmarked them to come back to because they were that good! With all the crap on YouTube and blatant violations of TOS I find it hard to believe that this was just a simple mistake.

    Rallying the troops for ya! Tweeting this now to 150k+ followers on Twitter and a few more thousand over at Linkedin & Facebok.


  • Sue Angelicchio

    Dear You Tube please give Scott Colby his account back. I have been following his video's and blogs for quite some time now and immensely enjoy the informative information he provides for all of us who don't have the education and knowledge that he imparts on our daily lives. I also receive trusted emails and have him facebooked so i can always make sure to get the most current information he freely provides us in order to make our lives better and healthier. This is a great injustice to Scott since he is so helpful. If there are some perceived problems then boldly state them so Scott can change what you feel is inappropriate so he can start posting what we all look forward to each day.

  • Jenet Levy

    Scott's videos are not offensive in any way. This must have been some kind of error. Please bring back his channel and his videos, YouTube.

  • Dee

    Ya know, I wouldn't care about this except for the fact that Google and its 'children' seem to think they own the net. If you violate TOS, fine, email and at least tell the person what they did and give them a chance to correct it. I think we should all post comments and support Scott just on principle – even if we've never seen his videos!

  • Melinda

    You Tube, of all the videos to remove, why did you take Scott Colby's down? There's some trash out there on You Tube that you need to be focusing on instead of some workout videos! It would be a good idea to put Scott's videos back up so we can continue to view them. I appreciate your quick response.

  • Taf

    If it wasn't for Scott Colby's YouTube videos, I wouldn't have know how to exercise properly. I don't have the money to pay for a trainer or to pay for a gym membership. Therefore, I work out strictly at home & use Scott's videos. I also applaud & thank YouTube for showing his videos. I am disappointed (along with many people that have also benefited from Scott's videos) that YouTube has stopped showing them. Please put Scott Colby's videos back on YouTube! Or, maybe someone should start a new online video company that's willing to show Scott's videos.

  • Tara

    I LOVE every one of Scotts posts and videos! I have shared many of them with family and friends. I have never seen anything remotely inappropriate in anything Scott has posted! Stop this madness, and give him his account back!

    Atlantic Beach, Flnter text right here!

  • Valerie

    I don't understand why Sott's account would be terminated.I surely hope that this is just a horribly mistake. His workout videos are among the best. Come on Youtube!! please reinstall that account.

  • Tara Kelly

    C'mon YouTube – it is really YouWrong here. Scott has been a welcome breath of fresh air among the many charlatans out there promoting improper form for so many exercises. Scott is one of those you want to keep and promote. Did a real live person decipher his video or was it filtered with algorithms. Either way, it is YouWrong and you are depriving a lot of honest people from getting great fitness videos. You are also messing with Scott's income! So YouWrong, you need to fix this and reestablish Scott Colby'a account. How are we to trust you otherwise, huh?!

  • RileyRfreels

    There is no spam, scams, or commercial deception here. Please correct your obvious error.

  • Diana

    I discovered this when I clicked on one of your videos (lose fat in 4 weeks) that I had saved on my favs… I was in shocked when it say that your account had been terminated. I couldn't believe it. I just wish your account is reinstated with cmments and so now (don't know if it's possible though)…wish you the best 🙂

  • Clarissa

    You Tube, with all of the – for lack of a better word – JUNK that people can post on your site, why on earth would you eliminate 5 years' of quality instructional videos from a reputable professional in the fitness industry? Either this was an accidental circumstance or there is something drastically wrong with your current evaluation processes. Please take appropriate action to reinstate this valuable resource – not only for people the world over, but for the rest of us in the fitness industry.

  • Marylin

    You have got to be kidding me! Seriously YouTube you really have to get your act together. With all the inappropriate videos showing nudity, yes nudity, and obscene language, and other immoral topics you are going to pick on the one subject that is not harmful or immoral such as exercise. Come on!! This is outrageous and very upsetting. I urge you to reinstate Scott Colby's account and let him continue to make a difference in people's lives.

    Scott, I am so sorry to hear that YouTube will do something that lame and stupid. I have watched your exercise videos for a long time and they've made a difference in my life and in my physique. Let me know if there is something else we can all do to help

  • Debbie

    There must be some mistake…Scotts videos are the best and his purpose for doing the Youtube videos is to help us to be able to see the exercises performed properly….totally outrageous and must be correctly immediately!

  • Doris Rehill

    This is terrible!!!! Why has You tube done this with no explanation!!!!! We all love Scotts dedication to keeping everyone fit!!!! Please allow him to go bback on You Tube

  • Gene m.

    If this is the Way you tube handles its customers, then we should leve it for another video service site. This locks like à russin service:)

  • John

    What a service – I think that you have been quite soft in your response, Scott. Let's hope they have the guts to apologise and reinstate your account!!

  • Brian

    We want Scott back!

  • Elvor Shaw

    Dear Scott – This is terrible news and I have some idea of how you feel, having been without my computer for a month. Lost isn't the word! ! The least UTube could do is to give you a valid explanation. Perhaps it was the word "weird"?
    With so much emphasis on healthy living today, it is incredible that so many people, who cannot afford the cost of help to be healthy, and to whom you are giving such wonderful service, should miss out on this assistance through your unselfish hard work. Please UTube – reconsider your action. Thank you. .

  • Lisa

    I have been watching your video's for years! Why would they do such a thing with all the foolish stuff they do have on here! I hope they reconsider or atleast give you an explanation. Please put Scott Colby's fitness video's back on youtube!

  • maureen

    I have watched many of your videos.. They have helped me and many others. There is alot of crap on youtube but not this site…Helpful not hurtful…REINSTATE……

  • Rohit

    Hey Youtube,

    Please get Scott's video's back. They are informative & helpful.


  • Ray

    Youtube – Why are you penalizing someone like Scott who is only trying to help his audience. His videos are invaluable; whether to kickstart a new fitness program or give one a new routine to fight getting into a rut. Youtube – BRING BACK SCOTT!

  • James Wedmore

    I am a subscriber to Scott's Youtube channel and was very confused and upset when I discovered his channel was disabled! He has a big following of raving fans who are dying to see more of his videos.

    Please re-instate Scott and his channel so we can keep watching & enjoying his videos!

    Thank You!

  • carmen

    Scott, your videos are great and I love your workouts, there must have been some kind of mistake otherwise there´s no rational explantation for Youtube fellows attitute. I hope they come to reason as soon as posible and give you an apology and an explanation, you deserve it.
    Hope this misandertanding gets solved quickly, you are very generous always and share amazing workouts and tips.
    best wishes!!!

  • Ant

    This appears to be an abuse of power by Youtube and there is a lack of Procedural Fairness. Give Scott a fair go and give home his videos back.

  • janene

    Unbelievable! After all the worthless crap that people post on youtube…finally something that is tasteful and helpful to people and suddenly these useful videos are terminated? I certainly hope it is a glitch and youtube is going to correct the issue quickly.

  • Victor

    It"s really sad to see an account that provides many educational tips for many people out there. Yet there is so many lame accounts in youtube that one just wished they are terminated. I am also starting to think it was one of those shady marketing actions. Who knows which one of those video making companies didn't put their hands on it.

  • Marlene

    Scott's channel is top notch, with really useful content on fitness. I can't see any reason why his account should be shut down. Please re-instate it soon!

  • Andreas

    Dear Scott,

    I feel very sorry for you – you spent so much time and effort to great such a great YouTube channel.

    I also feel very sorry for us all that we do not have the chance to watch these great workout videos. It was – and hopefully will be again – a great source of inspiration.

    I keep my fingers across.


  • romanticcomedygirl

    Scott I use your workouts all of the time! I email them to my phone and watch them at the gym so I know what to do. This is terrible! I hope you are back up and running soon!

  • Dave D

    Dear YouTube,
    please consider Scott's request and discuss what "perceived" violations there were, if any. Scott provides such a great service to all of us that are trying to beat the rising rates of obesity. I have been part of his circle for years and have never known him to deviate from good taste and have never been spammed by him or anyone that he has linked me to. YouTube is such a great tool and Scott provides a service that is free to all of us that can't afford to go to the gym. He also provides motivation to get into, and stay, in shape. Thanks, Dave…

  • Paul

    Seriously? With all the garbage you allow to be posted on YouTube? You decide this account is one to be deleted? Most of your content doesn't even intend to be helpful in any significant way–and I don't have issues with appropriate entertainment, but Scott's contributions are far more substantial. Take a little time for a review and a discussion with him, and check these comments; hope to see his account restored VERY soon!

  • Karriann Graf

    Scott sorry to hear the news…..I watched this video yesterday and no way did I see anything wrong with the content you were sharing. I actually thought it was great because so many of us would love to get in shape with exercises we can do at home. I sure hope YouTube helps with this matter.

  • VeeeBeee

    You Tube is losing it lately. Someone will soon create a site like the old You Tube and things will be back to normal.

    It seems lately as if everything on You Tube is a violation. Soon we won't be able to watch anything on their site. If i'm not mistaken Vince Del Monte had the same problem and used another site to upload he's video's. Maybe you should find out and do the same.

  • themediamama

    I watched this video and there was nothing offense about this video. Hey YouTube did you perhaps make a mistake … happens to the best of us! This was a exercise video..plain and simple. We would love some feedback from the YouTube Home Office.

  • FACE

    I imagine that this was a monumental error…or perhaps the work of some competitor, who happens to be employed by Google (i.e., YouTube?)

    Hopefully, enough folks will comment on your extremely helpful videos that "the powers that be" will reverse their judgment; elsewise, perhaps the general public will show it with their words (like they recently did for Bank of America); or with their cancellation of services (like the did for Netflix….). If newed be, hurt 'em in their pockets!


  • Griffo

    Hello Scott,

    I love your videos and find them very helpful, at least they helped me a lot. Your exercises are simple to follow, without any unneeded complexity. I do believe that this is a mistake by YouTube and that they will rectify it ASAP.
    Until they do, why don't you continue posting new videos on Vimeo, where I can see you have almost 300 clips already?

    Guys at YouTube, please get Scott's account back online as soon as possible!!!


    Really discouraged about this!! Scott’s videos are intended to help people get fit and healthy (at no cost!). With obesity/health where it is today, I would think YouTube would encourage these types of videos, not terminate them. I can think of countless other videos that are much worse than these, so I truly hope this was just a mistake. Please reinstate Scott’s account!!

  • Tracy

    YouTube needs to know that you saved me, Scott. Your free videos were a God-send – they helped me to become leaner, more confident, happy and alive than ever in my life. Thank you for your generosity and passion! I hope that this is just a terrible mistake and that it all gets corrected right away, Scott!

  • ang

    user friendly! useful information! goal oriented!
    all businesses should promote information that affects peoples lives in a positive manner like this one…especially those like you tube that attract the younger generation..

    why was it shut down??

  • Jay

    It seems that You Tube needs a competitor. Why suck up to an entity you can't even talk to.

  • eric

    Please give Scott his account back. He helps people with their overall health and fitness with each and every post!

  • Dodie

    Either it was a mistake of You-Tube, or a vicious attack by a jealous, obese person who can't deal with excellent exercise videos… Sad! I hope they will make it right. Your videos have been excellent and enjoyed by hundreds!

  • Des

    I have been watching Scott's videos for a few years now. It is really refreshing that some one is willing to share his knowledge on Utube, his intention is obviously to help people in an area he is very passionate about. I am in Australia and don't have the privildege of attending Scott's workshops so having his video posting's keep me in touch with his new ideas. It would be ashame for him to loose this avenue, he should be able to share his knowledge and not disadvantage the many viewers that enjoy his material.
    Please allow him to continue using You Tube.

  • Neil

    Scott, I can't believe Youtube would shut down your account. It was such an inspiration to watch the videos and get motivated to get fit. Thanks for all you do and I hope Youtube will reconsider their position as there didn't seem to be anything I saw that violated the terms.

  • Lisa

    I sit here in complete shock…Scott is one of the few legitimate, caring, helpful trainers who share wonderful content for all of us at home who strive to stay fit and strong. I rely on his videos and count on his support for my health and well being. He is the best in his field and we need him back—NOW. YouTube, this action you have taken is not acceptable. You must find a way to work this out.

  • prashil

    Scott's videos are realy helpfull for the people who are suffering from weight related issues,please work on this account issue and enable his youtube account as earliest you can

  • Teresa

    Dear YouTube,
    Scott is trying to promote a healthy lifestlye when 2/3's of the US is overweight or obese. So please reconsider Scott's videos. For some that can not afford the gym and have to workout at home they are very beneficial for motivation and demonstrating the correct technique. Please help correct this mistake.

  • swingtrading101

    I hope YouTube reconsiders. I have enjoyed and benefited from your videos over the last few years. You provide so much amazing information for free. Thank you Scott!

  • Theresa

    I'm hoping your account is reinstated quickly. I love your videos Scott and all the great exercise you have provided. It's wonderful for those of us who can't get to a gym!


  • Natalie

    Out of all the stuff on YouTube out there, I cannot believe that there is a problem with Scott's exercise videos.
    Hey YouTube,
    I am an obese 47 year old who is trying to make a change and save my life. I NEED these videos. They help me to know that I am doing my exercises correctly. With the help of these videos I have been able to lose 13 lbs. But guess what, I have another 50 lbs to go. Don't leave me hanging. Please put these videos back on-line.

  • Duncan Fairbairn

    Dear youtube, please reactivate Scott's account. He is a genuine, people-loving person who has gone out of his way to help people via your site. Please let him get back on the air and provide his help to an ever growing community of people. Yours sincere, Duncan Fairbairn, avid Scott Colby fan, Perth, Australia

  • Rosalind Fruchtman

    Dear YouTube:

    Scott is one of the good guys who only wants to help people keep in touch and stay in shape. With his videos he helps people worldwide… those who do not have or cannot get to facilities outside their homes – whether because of financial issues, mobility issues or even because they live in places where services like his are just not available. Scott is providing these video free of charge. What could be bad about this?

    Please YouTube, DO consider letting Scott know why you just shut down his channel with no notice of how/what he could do to rectify this. Perhaps this is a mistake, but some people really care and take what they do very seriously. Scott is one of those people. If it is not a mistake, please DO let him at least know what's the deal and how he could get his channel back!

    Roz Fruchtman

  • Susan

    This seems so absurd, especially when youtube has other inappropriate videos that should not be posted. Scott, I'm glad to see that you have the support from the youtube community. Hey Youtube! Are you reading these comments?! Explanation is in order.

  • Arjun

    MOST of Us log in 2 YOUTUBE to Watch Scott Colby's FITNESS Videos.

    "YOUTUBE need 2 GIve Him is Account Back".

  • cmt

    Dear Youtube, I want to be able to watch Scott Colby's videos again. It helped me so far. My children will be using his videos in the future. Thanks.

  • Suzi

    Please YouTube, reinstate his channel as Scott's videos are always helpful and instructive. They contain some unique ideas and ways of approaching fitness.

  • Michelle

    One simple comment –

    If your page violated youtube's "Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement", I guess anyone who has ever posed informative information on health and well being is also in violation!!!

  • jlp

    Please reinstate Scott. His videos are an important part of a health regiment for lots of folks!

  • Bentley

    I believe that inappropriate content should be taken down, to protect kids from pornography, to protect people from scams with links, to protect people from sites with known embedded viruses, to protect copyrighted content from illegal upload/download. Fine. But, nothing on Scott's site falls into any of those categories. And if some automated content evaluator picked up on something there and MISUNDERSTOOD the content for its true nature, then it should be simple enough for a HUMAN to look at it and see that this was picked up by accident and reinstate the account. In this country, we have the right to fair assessment and review. You can't just sanction without proof or explanation. And really, there is a TON of inappropriate content on YouTube that has not been censored out, and I find it amusing that you would tag good content as bad and leave the bad content on line. OK, so you do the best you can and haven't found all the bad ones yet. But, make the mistake to put Scott's site on death row, and now allow the Governor to step in and grant clemency with new evidence that proves he was wrongly convicted in the first place.


  • Pam

    Scott is professional, knowledgeable and never offensive. This must be a terrible mistake that I hope Youtube corrects immediately.

  • Michael

    This is beyond silly, and it smells of a Google nasty. They do it just because "they can". Scott puts a lot of hard work out there and his and his workout partners' physique confirm that they know what they are doing. We have to wonder if the folks at YouTube and Google could keep up.

    Will they have the moral fiber and good sense to reinstate? Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  • standingwolf

    To YouTube:
    Please reinstate Scott Colby's account. His videos are some of the best content of your web site: they contain information that is helpful to many people.

  • Paul

    Unbelievable!! Your videos are so great, informative and come from the heart. There is nothing negative to say about your uploads whatsoever, such great information to keep the world healthy for a better life, and, you post all this info for free. I watch your youtube videos and find them extremely helpful not only to gain new info but to change up my workouts when I'm getting bored. With soooo much total garbage on youtube I can't believe they would be so short sighted and rude to someone that uses their site to pass on good and reach the wider world audience with words and actions of health. So, c'mon youtube, don't make us all go to daily motion to check things out!! The ads people stick on there keeps me away more and more, this is just another reason to stay away from youtube.. GIVE SCOTT'S ACCOUNT BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • EGS

    Scott's videos are excellent quality and very valuable for those of us that work out on our own.. I hope you will reconsider your decision to cut him off.

  • tde

    It is amazing that with all of the crap out there on YouTube they actually targeted for termination someone who was providing a benefit to others with instructional and original videos. YouTube needs to make this right immediately and offer not only an explanation but an apology.

  • Agnes

    I think it is important to give explanation for the closing of Scott's account so that he can learn from his mistake if it is needed. And please reinstate his account.
    His videos give me great help to continue my way of having a thinner, healthier body.

  • karen

    Come on YouTube……………I have been following Scott Colby for years on your site. His instructional videos have been very helpful and instrumental in my weight loss and body redesign. Please give him back his videos and account.

  • Rae

    Oh my gosh! This is horrible!!! Scott – I watch your videos all the time, and refer others to your videos as well! You are always so informative and really teach the proper ways to exercise and get into shape. I can't believe they are gone! I think it must be some mistake, because everything I've seen doesn't even look like any kind of YouTube rules were broken by any means.
    I hope they fix this for you soon!

  • Tom Langan

    It is stupid unilateral corporate actionss like this that get companies into serious financial trouble (just ask Netflix). Do the right thing (and quickly) YouTube, restore Scott Colby's account with a big apology to go with it.

    BTW, I watched the video that was supposedly the basis for your uninformed unilateral action and there was nothing offensive about it.

  • ladan

    Hey you tube, why would you block somthing that was given out of good will to so many people for free, which will helps so many. A bit mean don't you think.
    Does anyone knows why it was stopped in the first place?

  • kristin baltus

    Scott Colby, is the best fitness leader .He is truly dedicated to going an extra mile for all people. He has a heart of gold. He is the most honest person there is. He has unique ablility to educate people on proper exercise movements and meal plans.. He teaches exercises at all fitness levels safely.His videos are geared to show a beginner that they can exercise too and be result driven,, His videos teach us we don't need gym,and can get a good workout in 20 min with best exercises available.. Scott , is the best in the industry, I have seen testamonials from his programs.His exercises, meal plans have saved people lives one pound at a time,, and given us new skills to eat and exercise Scott Colby, is the best fitness leader .He is truly dedicated to going an extra mile for all people. He has a heart of gold. He is the most honest person there is. He has unique ablility to educate people on proper exercise movements and meal plans.. He teaches exercises at all fitness levels safely.His videos are geared to show a beginner that they can exercise too and be result driven,, His videos teach us we don't need gym,and can get a good workout in 20 min with best exercises available.. Scott , is the best in the industry, I have seen testamonials from his programs.His exercises, meal plans have saved people lives one pound at a time,, and given us new skills to eat and exercise

  • Patience Misodi

    Please Please youtube reinstate Scott's youtube account as his videos are helping many of us to loss weight and get in shape which is detrimental to our future. So please reconsider re-instating it asap. Many thanks in advance.

  • Guest

    It's ridiculous that YouTube didn't have communication about the supposed violation before taking such action. I really love how Scott's videos are short and powerful…otherwise I wouldn't have the time!

  • John

    There goes one of the best you tube channels. Why? Only they know, but I hope they see the light and put it back on air.

  • Larry Burns

    I just can't believe that Scott Colby's training programmes have been cancelled, it surely must be an error, they are a very important part of my training and I look forward to seeing them reinstated very soon.
    Larry Burns

  • Gavin

    The same thing happened to me Scott.

    I think someone hacked into mynaccount and deleted over 60 videos.

  • Vitoria Castro

    I'm so sorry Scott. And you didn't have anything that could cause Youtube to do something radical like that. Sometimes I think they get more innocent people than who really deserves it.

    Just keep up with your good work then.


  • Valerie

    Thats soooooooo unfair, they must be crazy, there are so many trash videos on Youtube and they terminate your acount which is so usefull? that makes no sense!

  • Liza

    Scott has helped me so much in working out. I have no idea why YouTube would want to take down his account. I'm hoping that this is a mistake and his videos and accounts will be up shortly. I would agree there is a lot of terrible information out there but I have never found Scott's information or exercise videos to be this. Please let his account be brought back up.

  • Rick

    The videos of Scott I have visited have been beneficial and informative……nothing ever inappropriate that I have seen. That being said, from a business perspective, if the facts presented are accurate (to be determined) and Scott's account was indeed deleted without any conversation between YouTube and Scott, that should concern everyone who ever uses YouTube. On the surface, there must be a logical explanation because what CAN be viewed on YouTube can definitely raise an eyebrow from time to time. No company should nonchalantly delete a person's work product without explaining the circumstances. If the video is still not acceptable after the two parties meet, Scott should have been given the opportunity to retrive his work product. Until the final tally of information is collected, on the surface, this event reflects very badly on YouTube. Who of us is next to have their livelyhood snatched away without cause or explanation? YouTube would best serve themselves and their customers by explaining their side of the story. Stay tuned.

  • Aline Shinder

    That is just not right no matter how you slice it. You should be, at the very least, given an explanation and the chance to address what ever the issue might be. I will think very carefully before I use YouTube for my business or recommend it as a tool for someone else's business in the future.

    Do the right thing, YouTube, and restore this account!

  • Amber

    Scott Colby has been an inspiration to many both in and out of the fitness business. I have talked with him personally on group coach calls and he is extremely supportive, personable and kind. A person like this is a blessing in the fitness world, or the regular world for that matter. We need more people who actually care about what they do, like Scott Colby does. Especially in today's world of fast food and easy fixes..and a down economy where people just do not have the time or money to get to a gym or trainer like myself. he motivates, and shows all levels of fitness showing anyone can get or stay in shape. His videos are needed, watched and loved by many. i am sure that if there has been violation, if presented to Scott he would fix it immediately. Thank you.

  • Nikhil

    This is not fair YT…
    Give it back to Scott

    Thanks Scott all your efforts and hope we will get the updates soon

  • Dawn Jordan

    This is so ridiculous…has to be a mistake! I love your videos, Scott. Very professional with great techniques!

  • John M.

    Hope youTube reconsiders and gives your account back, I find the videos very helpful.
    I would urge them to reconsider.

  • Nancy

    Hey Scot,
    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed watching your videos! They were so informative! I feel so lucky that I came across your videos, you have thought me so much!
    Youtube please put Scots videos back up! He is helping so many people change their lives! go pick on some one else!

  • Dr KAZ

    Dear Scott,

    Your You Tube videos were some of the best I've seen and I have no idea why You Tube chose to terminate your account – Please help us get these educational videos back – it serves a much greater population than you know.

  • Lorrie

    Scott, I hope YouTube gives you your station back. Your workout videos are a tremendous help for those of us trying to get and stay in shape.

  • melanie

    dear Scott,
    you have my full support. i enjoyed doing your workout videos because it is so practical and suited me very well. it is a great loss for people who wanted to be in shape and people who wanted to remain in great shape. deleting your youtube account has caused us great injustice and really, i can see NO REASON for youtube to close your channel. i mean, you are uploading original videos and if some people are disturbed looking at Jen wearing workout outfit, then that is there problem. i am a woman to the core and i admire her body. if that is the only reason your channel was deleted, then i think youtube should think again. i am praying really hard you will get your channel back so we can enjoy once more your FABULOUS WORKOUT VIDEOS….

  • Jason

    Dear YouTube. I understand the need to protect the public from unsavoury material but to act in this way is not professional, or best practice, conduct. You obviously dont have an adequate review process to deal with material that you suspect may in breach of your policy. If you did then this would not have happened.

    You must understand that you can not treat people in this way.

  • spiritmoving

    To YouTube: I want to put in my recommendation and support for Scott Colby's videos. I've been following his work for several years now, and have not seen anything inappropriate. He is providing a service that is of benefit to many people, and it is very sad to see this disappear without any explanation. I trust his sincerity and would hope that you will investigate further and reconsider your decision.

  • Tasha Keith

    Scott Colby is trying to better America with his workouts. He provides health tips, nutrution facts to assist in the overcoming of obesity in America. These are the types of videos needed. Please bring his videos back.


    You Tube often do things like this!
    I manage an Eagles tribute band called Ultimate Eagles.
    We have several videos up there. Our video of Desperado reached over 1 million views when You Tube decided to mute our audio because of 'copyright issues'. Warner-Chappell is the publisher who would have the issues but they dont know anything about it!
    You Tube dont even reply to my complaints.
    You're not alone!

  • phillip

    why take off something,that inspires and help people to achieve what they want in life…..mmmmmm that is pretty much stupid!!!Scott i watched your video of you and graig doing the 1000 calorie workout,and i started doing that and it helped me to blast away some of my belly fat….thanx that helped a lot…..YOU TUBE…GIVE BACK SCOT'S CHANNEL!!!! PLEASE 🙂

  • Dr. Bauhoefer

    Dear Scott,
    I'm just one more of your fans. All your YT videos,informations, messages are really helpful and good. Please hand my comment to YT as I want to be able to continue watching your videos
    Dr. Walter Bauhoefer

  • Jeff


    I am writing to say that you videos and workouts are excellent. I work with a group of high level tennis players and we are always incorporating your functional fitness / bodyweight exercises into our fitness workouts and the results are tremendous.

    YouTube – please reactivate Scott's account! It is extremely helpful and my preferred option for fitness routines.


  • kristina

    Please get Scott Colby's videos back – his videos and articles are inspiring and so benefitial to so many people. we need that!!

  • Donna

    I am heart sick. I have followed Scott for at least four years and his heart and passion is to help people get fit and healthy. I have even watched his growth in the time I have known and followed him.

    There are those of us who struggle with exercise and getting fit. I have personally downloaded some of Scott's videos to share with friends who have a hard time just walking without getting out of breath. They are basic enough that a beginner can follow them.

    There are so many accounts and videos out there in your universe YouTube that need to be monitored or removed because they are deceptive and/or spam. Part of good marketing is to have a title that grabs the audience's attention, that does not mean that the content is wrong or bad. Sometimes using digital or electronic methods is not the best way to weed or prune through content. Spiders and robots cannot understand the content of a video just because the word "weird" is in the title or tag word does not necessarily mean the content is trash.

    I pray a real human being will look at Scott's case instead of some database and give him the chance to defend himself, or at least look at his content to see that it is quality material. Since Scott's work and passion is so evident, I have been able to help others who would not even know where to start doing exercises have a start. I have even forwarded some of his work to my colleagues in the ministry to help them reach out to others.

    I beg you please give Scott back his site. If this cannot be done, please retrieve his work and let him open a new channel. I need those videos. They have helped change my life.

    Thank you for your prompt assistance with this matter. I look forward to following Scott for many more years and hope to be able to share his passion with others.


    Donna S. Mazetis

  • Greg St. Clair

    Scot's videos are excellent and represent the type of quality content that should be featured on you tube. Removing him and terminating his account for an excellent fitness video is a huge mistake that should be immediately rectified.

  • Abhi

    The channel is back!! Great stuff!

  • Jill

    This seems like a marketing stunt, Scott 🙂

  • Alvena

    Dear Utube:

    Please give Scott back his Utube account with all his workout videos. They are superb in showing how to do certain excercises to help to get rid of weight and to tone your body back into shape. These videos are also a free gym that is available in your own home. Please bring him back. We all need him back. Thanks……………..Alvena

  • Mark

    I have seen Scott's ab workout videos and they make a lot of sense. With a lot of the internet now containing porno and filth, why are they still there? Come on u-tube, give this guy a break, anyway, have you seen the size of him, would you like to see him leaning against your car in the office car park when you finish work (with a free ab workout video for you of course)!!!!

  • Joyce M


    Those videos have helped alot of people (including myself) to start or take control of their health/fitness without the need of expensive gym and trainers. For heaven's sake, they are fitness workout videos!!!. What is so offensive and spammy about posting workout videos again??? Seriously, start cleaning the real crap on youtube and let the real channel..such as Scott's live. We want it back…!!! Thank you.

  • shama

    Scott is a great coach with great ideas to help the global fitness community get better. his contribution through youtube, his own blogs, videos are invaluable. dear youtube, kindly undo the damage already done. yes please reinstate his account & we will continue to benefit from both youtube as well as Scott in the future as well. cheers

  • shama

    Scott is a great coach with great ideas to help the global fitness community get better. his contribution through youtube, his own blogs, videos are invaluable. dear youtube, kindly undo the damage already done. yes please reinstate his account & we will continue to benefit from both youtube as well as Scott in the future as well. cheers

  • OneWhoKnows

    You Tube is owned by Google. The company we all know for great search results and other neato free stuff. Unfortunately, as many in the business world know, there is a dark side to Google and they will shut you down with no waring, no recourse, and no explanantion. Google is controlling more and more of the information you see everyday and there is no oversight.

  • Smealanna

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