Dotsie Bausch – From Eating Disorder To Olympic Podium

My next guest on the Power To Change podcast started cycling at age 26.

She initially used it as a means to heal and recover from an eating disorder and drugs.

Little did she realize when she started her new sport that she would be standing on the Olympic podium receiving a silver medal at age 39.

Her journey to the Olympics is one of inspiration and perseverance.

Welcome to episode #56 of The Power to Change podcast with Olympic cyclist Dotsie Bausch.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Dotsie’s life as a model and whether that contributed to her eating disorder
  • What triggered her eating disorder, and how it was the one thing in her life that she could control at the time
  • Why an eating disorder is an addiction, similar to drugs and alcohol, and how she used it to cope and numb out her inner pain
  • What caused her to turn to drugs
  • The point in her life where she knew she was going to die from her eating disorder unless she got help
  • Why she ultimately decided to get help, even though she had tried to commit suicide twice and felt completely empty inside
  • Why her therapist wouldn’t allow Dotsie to exercise initially, and once she did start exercising again, why she had to choose an activity she had not done while fighting eating disorders
  • How she used cycling as a vehicle to recover
  • Her journey from starting cycling at age 26 to becoming an Olympian and winning a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics at age 39

“If you love something and are passionate, don’t derail yourself, don’t self sabotage, don’t think you can’t, because it’s wild what you can accomplish”

  • How she knew that if she ever quit cycling, it wouldn’t lead her back to an eating disorder
  • What mental vivid imagery is and how you can use it to achieve a fitness goal or crush the competition in a race
  • Why it’s NOT a good idea to focus on the finish line during a race
  • Her work with Ride To Recovery, an organization that helps veterans heal through cycling
  • The life lessons Dotsie has learned as a world class cyclist

“If you are grateful for what you have, fear does not exist.”

Continue Seeking Change:

You can connect with Dotsie on Twitter | Personal Website | Empower Coaching Systems

Check out the organization Dotsie is involved with, Ride To Recovery

Did you enjoy the podcast?

I’m so inspired by Dotsie, and her journey.  What did you like best about this episode?  Who or what are you grateful for?  Please share in the comments below.