Elyse Hughes – Learn To Love Your Ugly Bits

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About this episode

Our special guest is Elyse Hughes, a writer, speaker, holistic junkie and a foodie!  Early on in life, Elyse didn’t love herself and she used smoking, alcohol and drugs to cope and numb her pain.  She used EFT (tapping) to help her overcome her addictions and used food to help her heal from her autoimmune skin condition and to lose 100 pounds.  She talks about her very personal journey of learning to love her ugly bits.

One Big takeaway

Loving herself and appreciating herself wherever she’s at is a foundational practice.  She’s not doing it because it’s easy for her.  She’s doing it because it’s her biggest challenge.  And if people can see her prioritize herself  and love herself no matter what condition she’s in, that’s where transformation is made and where the power to change starts to happen.


Visit Elyse’s website at Elyse Hughes