Grace Smith Part 1 – Mastering Your Mind With Hypnotherapy

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About this episode

In this episode, world renowned hypnotherapist Grace Smith explains how hypnotherapy helps our mindset, especially with those deeply rooted thoughts that make us think we are failures.  She also shares her story of getting into alcohol an drugs in her 20s and being able to quit smoking in 1 day with hypnotherapy.

One Big takeaway

Grace likes to focus on the root issues, such as lack of self worth and lack of self love, rather than just the branch issues, such as overeating and smoking.  If you focus on the root, it heals the branches on the way up and out.


Visit Grace’s website GraceSmithTV for a free 3 minute stress relief session.  Follow Grace on Periscope.   And check out Grace’s amazing online community for more hypnotherapy sessions at GraceSpace.