Hap Cameron – Traveling To 7 Continents By The Age Of 30

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About this episode

Our special guest is Hap Cameron, an author, filmmaker and speaker and the owner of Happy Cones in Denver, Colorado.  Hap shares his journey of his quest to live and work in all the continents in the world by the age of 30.  His journey included some pretty scary moments including being robbed by gangsters in Africa and ending up in jail in the U.S.

One Big takeaway

The hardest part of Hap’s journey was the end of it, and being uncertain of who he was and what he wanted to do next.  He did a lot of self discovery and meditation to learn what he needed to become happy and get rid of the depression.  It was because of this inner work and knowing what he needs to be happy that strengthened his relationship with his wife.


Visit Hap’s website and check out his book Hap Working The World at Hap Cameron