Have You Ever Climbed A Mountain?

Have you ever had to climb a mountain?  Maybe not a real mountain, but something that was tough to get through, but when you got to the top, the rewards were well worth the effort!

On Saturday, I actually did climb a real mountain – we hiked to the top of Mt. Bierstadt which stands at over 14,000 feet at the top.  It’s one of Colorado’s classic 14ers.

And yes, even though I work out and I’m pretty fit, this hike was tough for me.  But wanna know how I got through it, even though there were times I wanted to give up?

2 things!

1) I took baby steps and made small progress a little bit at a time.  Hiking a steep mountain is all about making small progress, not trying to do it all at once.  So I would hike for 3-4 minutes, taking slow steps, and then rest for a few minutes until I caught my breath.  Then I would start hiking again.

Slow and steady progress

2) I knew there was a breathtaking view waiting for me at the top.  This is important.  I knew the end of the journey was going to be very rewarding with not only a feeling of accomplishment, but also a drop dead gorgeous view.  Check out the view we were rewarded with at the top.

Top of Mt. Bierstadt

Not only did we have this view at the top, but we had great views along the way during the entire hike.  We made sure to enjoy the journey on the way up, and not just the final destination.

Whenever you’re faced with a tough challenge, or goal of accomplishing something big, you can do the same thing I did when hiking this 14,000 foot mountain.

Make slow and steady progress (remember baby steps), and think about what’s waiting for you at the end (but make sure to enjoy the journey along the way).

I would love to hear what goals you’re working on that might seem challenging.  Please leave them in the comments section below.

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  • Cindy

    Well done Scott. Isn’t it amazing what accomplishing something so hard does for your self esteem. It really puts other things in perspective and makes them seem so small in comparison to the mega effort it took to do this.
    Your an inspiration. Congratulations and what’s next?

  • Hectorp

    Awesome views and great pose flexing your bicep besides great encoragement.

    Thank You. Scott.