Jeff Agostinelli – How To Take Your Life To The Next Level

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About this episode

Our special guest is Jeff Agostinelli, a life and business coach, and the host of The Next Level podcast.  Jeff spent a couple of years of his life studying the MCATs and getting ready to go to medical school to prepare for life as a doctor.  But along the way, something didn’t feel right to him, so he took a detour and becaome a private chef, traveling all over the world.  While this seemed like a dream job, once again Jeff decided to make a big change and moved into the world of personal development and business.  In this episode, Jeff shares his story of how he’s been able to continuously take his life to the next level and how you can too!

One big takeaway

Get comfortable being uncomfortable not knowing your next step. Get comfortable letting options be presented and saying yes or no based on how you feel.  This is where changes actually start.  Embrace getting uncomfortable and you will see your life change.


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