Jeff Sanders – The 5 AM Miracle

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About this episode

Our special guest is Jeff Sanders of The 5 AM Miracle podcast and his book The 5 AM Miracle – Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast.   Jeff began waking up at 5 am when he started training for a marathon and this new habit stuck.  As long as we’re intentional with our time and have a reason why you want to get up early and get your day started, anyone can create a new habit of getting up early, even late night owls.  His personal 5 am routine is always focused on energy production.  He even gave some great tips on how moms with super busy mornings can have their own 5 am miracle.

One big takeaway

Jeff began getting up early when he started to train for a marathon.  The only opportunity he had in his day to train was to wake up at 5 am and run before he went to work.  Well, he discovered that when he got to work at 9, he had so much more energy, and felt so much better and there was the potential to get a lot done in those hours that he had previously been wasting.  So he kept the routine of waking up early, even after his marathon ended.  You can make the switch and become an early riser when you’re passionate about what it is you want to do with those hours.


Visit Jeff’s website at Jeff Sanders.