Jennifer Prymek: Fit For Photos Success Story

Jennifer Prymek is a busy professional mom that was 39 when going through Fit For Photos for the first time.

2 of her major struggles when trying to find a fitness and nutrition plan that worked for her were 1) coming off ankle surgery made working out a challenge at times and 2) a variety of allergies made it do that she couldn’t follow most meal plans.

In this episode of the Power To Change, Jennifer shares how she overcame both of these obstacles and was able to fit into her wedding dress from 15 years ago in just 9 weeks.

Welcome to episode #43 with Jennifer Prymek.

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Check out Jennifer’s before/after pictures as well as some of her pictures from our Keystone Adventure

Jennifer before/afterJennifer P2jennifer P3

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How she struggled with exercise after ankle surgery
  • How she got into the fitness and nutrition industry, but struggled to follow the nutrition advice she gave to her clients.
  • Why her clients were getting better results than her
  • How helping others get fit actually hurt her own fitness results
  • Why she struggled to get her allergies under control and how this affected her overall health
  • How she went from having severe food reactions almost daily to not having them while doing Fit For Photos
  • How Jennifer is able to still eat out despite having lots of food allergies
  • Her results: Jennifer melted 14 pounds and went from a size 8 to a 4 in just 63 days.  Her wedding dress from 15 years ago is now too big for her.
  • And much more

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