Jill Colby – It’s Never Too Late

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About this episode

Our special guest is my sister, Jill Colby.  Jill shares details about the last 5 years of her life, which included 3 pivotal moments – quitting a high paying job without having a plan in place, moving from her hometown to a small town in a completely different part of the state and meeting her now husband, Dennis.  She was able to take a step back and really focus on what she wanted out of life and want she didn’t want.

One Big takeaway

It’s never to late to change…to find love, find meaningful work, or meaningful community service or anything you want to do in life.  Another example that “it’s never too late” – Jill ran her first 5K last year at age 45 (and has set a goal to beat her time at the same race this year).

Here’s a Facebook post about Jill’s 5 year change which sums up how she feels about her life transitions.

Jill FB Post

If you need to reach Jill, you can do so at jill@scottcolby.com