Jodi Perschetz – Transforming From The Inside Out

Jodi Perschetz is a busy mom of 3 girls and works full-time.  OK, do I even need to put the word “busy” here?  I think that’s a given. 😉 When I first met Jodi, she was a lover of chocolate (I think she still is – ha), didn’t like her body and had tried every Jillian Michaels DVD out there, and was also counting calories.  So why wasn’t she seeing results?

If any of this sounds like you, check out Jodi’s Fit For Photos story.  I was curious has to how she was able to make such a big transformation both inside and out, so I interviewed her.  I know you’ll be inspired!  I’m proud that Jodi has made her health and fitness a priority and has found balance in her life.

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Scott: OK first of all thanks for being here. How’s life?

Jodi: Life is good! Very busy but we survived the first few months of middle school! (Makes the others in elementary school seem so easy!)  And thank you for having me. Man, i should have said that first

Scott: OK, first question…so the reason I show off your pictures so often and like to put you in the hot seat, besides you being so willing, is because you’re very relatable. You are a mom of 3, you have a funny husband. You used to count calories, you had body image issues, you tried all sorts of workouts, etc. I think many moms go through something similar. Would you agree?

Jodi: I think many moms go through this and either never talk about it, or they fall to the bottom of their own “to do” list. And always willing because you literally changed my life…so i owe you

Scott: What were some of the things you were trying before FFP that didn’t work?

Jodi: Good thing i can type as much as i want…ha. I tried everything from hours of cardio at the gym, but i was obsessive about Jillian Michaels. I own every dvd she’s ever created (well, since 2012) and would diligently follow her workouts. I would eat super low calorie and low fat and NOTHING worked.

By low calorie/low fat, that meant bagels and cereal, fake low fat cookies, you name it. I thought i had it all figured out.

Scott: And at that point, how did you feel about yourself?

Jodi: Awful. I just felt worse. And everyone was constantly telling me i looked “fine” or i was so “skinny” but i never felt different. I wanted to be stronger and so desperately wanted to have that six-pack. I was pretty much convinced nothing would work after having 3 kids and i wasn’t sure what else to do.

I was so frustrated because i thought i was doing all the right things.  All it did was made me workout more. I’d add in extra cardio or feel guilty over what i ate if it was “bad”

Scott: I know you joined because you saw Anne Westfall McCann‘s results…one of your friends, and that was an important factor with you signing up. And I hope people seeing these amazing ladies are getting inspired!!

OK, what did you learn about yourself either during the program or after it?

Jodi: Yes, Anne Westfall McCann was such a huge inspiration and watching her transform was amazing. I knew it wasn’t some “fake” program and that it worked

I learned so much about myself. I learned that I need to believe in myself and not just worry about what others tell me the way things should be. The harder i worked, the more excited i was because i could see the results so quickly. I learned that it’s okay to be proud of yourself and not to feel guilty about putting me first.

Scott: Those are 2 important things – putting you first without the guilt, and knowing you are in control of your life, your happiness, etc, and not anyone else or any THING external

Jodi: And it wasn’t just a 9-weeks and done…it’s been 3 years of support, friendships, and huge lifestyle changes.

Scott: Lots and lots of friendships. We are now bffs!

Jodi: Totally! You get stuck seeing me now at least once a year…ha

I also learned, i can lift weights and feel like i can kick ass 😉 (can i say that?)

Scott: OK what’s your favorite photo shoot picture of yourself?

Jodi: It’s a tie between the “super woman” pic you posted above and my profile pic (that i did last year). I have many others i love, but that very first pic reminds me of how amazing i felt that day. I felt empowered, excited, and like a rock star. 🙂 The back/shoulder shot i love because i don’t think i realized how much muscle i had built back there! Ha

And just so you all know, i’m the person who can’t take a compliment EVER. I will defer or come up with a reason why something isn’t right. These pictures just remind me that it’s okay to be proud of hard work.

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Scott: OK Jodi you’ve tried so many other workouts and diets. What makes FFP different?

Jodi: Where do i start… Let’s see, the diet was probably the biggest and best changes. I had no idea that my “healthy” diet was holding me back. Eating clean, cutting down on the unhealthy carbs and eating more protein and still be satisfied was something i never thought possible 🙂 (And dark chocolate is clean) The workouts were also awesome because they were changed every other week and built on each other so i saw results so quickly. And, they were FUN and i could do them all at home. I hated going to the gym because i spent more time making myself feel badly and comparing myself to everyone else.

Scott: And I must say you’ve done a great job with your self image and making lifestyle changes that YOU can sustain for the type of life and results you want. And you don’t get hangry as often.

Audience question: Do some of the workouts include heavier lifting? I love lifting but find that most “at home” workouts don’t really include that. Thanks.

Scott: I can answer this one…yes! I am a big believer that to really change your physique, you need some heavier lifting as part of your routine!

Jodi: YES! And they were my favorite!

Of course the biggest thing…support. The women and men (Jon Rehorst, deserves a shout out!) are incredible. Life long friendships have been built and i’ve been fortunate enough to meet many of them. I never once felt the need to compare myself to anyone in my group. I was so motivated by the stories of others. Heidi Hutchinson was in my group and she was just incredible. Each week she was motivating me more and more from her pics that it pushed me too. Shodi Moris and Amy Locke, 2 other vets were the same way. Awesome women.

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Scott: OK final question!! What would you say to someone who has tried everything (like you) and thinks FFP will just be more of the same – a program that doesn’t get you results, or gets you temporary results, then you go back to your old way of life?

Jodi: I would say this is different. I know that sounds “cliche” but when i signed up my words were, “if this doesn’t work, then nothing will.” You will see results and you never ever lose the support. FFP is family and even if you go through a rough patch or you fall back because you went on vacation or took a break, it’s so easy to jump back in and know so many people have your back. I love how I feel when i’m with this group so it’s not 12 weeks and done. This is a lifestyle change and THAT is the biggest difference.

Kathy (past FFP member): I’ll jump in here and say the reason I did FFP (almost 2 years ago) was seeing Jodi Salvin Perschetz‘s results! She was someone I KNEW in REAL LIFE so I knew this was the real deal. Yes! As a mom of 4 myself however with a not so funny husband (I can say that b/c Jodi knows him) I was always putting everyone else first and myself last. FFP was an amazing experience and I saw results! Thank you Jodi Salvin Perschetz, Scott Colby and all the awesome folks in my session that I met along the way! Every single person was such an inspiration and without their support I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did in my session. I had never worked out before, restricted my diet or been part of a fitness program. I learned so much on what it means to be healthy. It’s not stepping on a scale or losing pounds but building a strong healthy body. (sorry if it’s a jumbled mess of thoughts… 4 kids running around still on break here) smile emoticon Love ya Jodi Salvin Perschetz !!!!

I’ll add the fact that EVERYTHING was spelled out for me in the program was HUGE! The food choices, the workouts… EXACTLY what to do and when and how… no guessing or work to figure it out on my end was needed. I just needed to DO IT.

Jodi:  Kathy Lilly, thank you so much! I still remember when we talked that night and you were deciding what to do. smile emoticon It makes me feel so great hearing you say that, thank you! And not a jumbled mess at all, you are awesome and i know how hard you worked while balancing EVERYTHING

Jodi: Thank you Scott Colby for having me. I am glad to call you a friend too and am always here for you. FFP is life changing and if no one believes me, they can read the stories of so many of the other women.


Wendy (past FFP member): I’m a little late to the party but had to add that these pics of Jodi were my reason for doing FFP too!!!!! I was so amazed at Jodi’s pics & so proud of her I wanted to try it out!! I’ve made great new friends & learned some really good habits via Mr. Scott Colby! Thanks.