John Spencer Ellis – Collaboration Economy

What would you do if you had just $2,000 and a 400 sf studio apartment?

Would you be limited by your beliefs that you didn’t have enough to make your dreams possible?

Our next guest on The Power To Change started with $2,000 and sleeping on the floor of his small apartment.

What began as a tiny personal training business has grown into a multi-million dollar group of corporations providing a variety of fitness and personal development products and services  globally.

We dive in deep into how he did this as well as the importance of collaboration when growing a business.

Welcome to episode #41 with John Spencer Ellis.

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“A lot is possible if you just get out of your own way.  Life has plenty of obstacles, you don’t need to be your own.”

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How John has helped over a million people
  • How he started his very own personal training business
  • Why he thought there was a need to create an endurance sports training certification and how he started NESTA
  • How he was able to start his own million dollar business BEFORE the internet
  • That if he listened to people that said NESTA was impossible, he would be no better off and it would have affected hundreds of thousands of people (he’s created half a million jobs, and they wouldn’t have been created)
  • Why the more we grow ourselves, the more people we can help
  • That every week he provides a million people around the world with a workout
  • What he’s learned from his failures
  • Why you should always be a student and be the dumbest person in the room
  • Why you need to surround yourself with brilliance
  • Why you shouldn’t wait for perfection when launching a new venture
  • The people you shouldn’t take business advice from
  • The 5 words you should never say to someone
  • That there is no such thing as a self made person
  • How you can grow your business and have more freedom when you learn how to collaborate
  • How a new business can collaborate with a more established business
  • When a win-win isn’t always best
  • That the first thing you need to do to make a change is to be honest with yourself.
  • And much more

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