Karissa Hendrickson – You Make Time For What’s Important To You

Karissa Hendrickson is a mom of 8 from Utah, who did an incredible job going through my Fit For Photos Transformation program.  I was interested in finding out from Karissa how she had time to do the program, being a busy mom of 8 kids!!  She impressed me so much by putting her health a priority and how she involved her kids in the workouts.

For those of you who have busy schedules, I hope Karissa’s answers inspire you!  And check out her beautiful family!

karissa quoteKarissa family

Scott: First question. Do you really have 8 kids? How old are you and how old are your kiddos?

Karissa: Lol!! Yes! I have 8 kids… My oldest just turned 16 and my youngest two are twin three-year-old’s! Life is an awesome crazy party here!  And I’m 37.  I’ve been gaining and losing 40 to 60 pounds 7 times over the last 15 years. 🙂

Scott: The #1 excuse I get from people is not enough time. With 8 kids, how did you find time to do the program?

Karissa:  I truly believe that we have and make time for things that are most important to us! I am on social media very seldom, I hardly ever watch TV and I use the time I have to involve my kids to work out with me.  This program is awesome because I could do all the work out the home, I didn’t waste any time going to and from the gym finding sitters or waking up at 5 AM to get in before the kids had to leave for school.

Once I got going on the program I felt so empowered and so strong that I absolutely loved to do the workouts! I felt so good from the way I was eating that I felt like I had way more energy to actually do the workouts. And it was just a great cycle of wanting to do the workouts because I felt so great when I was doing them

Scott: OK Karissa, were you struggling fitness-wise before FFP?

Karissa: About nine months before I started at FFP I had to have some surgery and was down and recovering for quite sometime. Even though I had worked really hard to get the weight off after I had the twins, I had now gained 12 more pounds and was frustrated and looking for something to help me get through that set back.

Over the last five or six years I have discovered how much I absolutely love fitness and have a passion for the way it makes me feel! Going to the FFP program I realized how absolutely strong and confident I could be about myself.

Scott: Why did you join Fit For Photos and not any of the other 1000s of programs out there?

Karissa: There might be 1000 programs out there, and I feel like I have tried a lot of them… I wanted something new and the idea that there was a photo shoot at the end completely terrified me but I knew that I would hold strong to the program because I would want good pictures as an end result.

And I can’t even tell you how having a photo shoot increased my self-confidence! As women especially, we focus so much on that little spot here or there that doesn’t look perfect. The photo shoot glamorize all the things that looked great!  When it’s just you, all your hard work in the past and the photographer… You feel like a superstar.

Here are some more of Karissa’s photos!

Karissa familyKarissa backKarissa photo shootKarissa 2

Scott: How did you involve your kids with your workouts?

Karissa:  If I was working out in the early morning and the kiddos came in, they just joined in. That’s how kids are, they want to be like mommy. In the afternoon and evening I had to carve out time or make time after all the work was done for the evening and sacrifice a little to get those evening workouts.

My teenagers were always encouraging me to get that last 30 minutes of cardio or whatever the days workout was, they also enjoyed seeing me succeed! And I must say, that my husband was a huge support! It was a lot of work for me and without him there supporting me there would have been times I would have easily skipped a WO

Having a good support network is essential! the FFP community is also a huge support network! Being accountable for what you were eating and knowing that someone is going to see what you are writing down is a big deal for me!

Scott: I love it when the family gets involved. Fitness can be something that brings the family together!  OK last question…for the busy moms out there that think they don’t have the time to do Fit For Photos because of work and family obligations, what would you say to them??

I would say that if health and fitness are important to you, this is something that you CAN make time for! You will not regret it, and your family will see The result of you feeling stronger, more confident and having more energy to be a part of their lives!

Moms are busy, and being busy and worn out because you’re eating like crap and not getting enough exercise really takes a toll on the family.

You can do this ladies! I am also a part of the FFP community, and I would be more than happy to be a support and an encouragement for anyone out there!!

Scott: Awesome Karissa well said and thank you for offering your support to anyone who needs it. That’s a great offer!

Audience question: Were you “eating like crap” before? did your whole family make changes to what/how yall eat? Or were you eating different food than you were feeding the rest of them?

Karissa: I guess “eating like crap” is all relative right? I did change my eating habits by focusing more on my sugar intake and that was a big deal for our family. I cooked in large part for myself and the family at the same time

There were times that I did not eat some of the things I cook for the family, but I tried to keep it the same because I just didn’t have time to do both.

Scott: OK Karissa, thank you so much for being a special guest. It’s been a great few months getting to know you. Have a safe drive and thanks for all of your support!!
Karissa: Thanks Scott!