Kim Orlesky – Letting Go And Traveling The World

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About this episode

Our special guest is Kim Orlesky.  Kim is an international speaker, author and coach and was named one of the most inspirational bloggers in 2015 in Success Magazine.  In 2014, Kim quit her job and traveled the word by herself.  A breakup was the catalyst behind her decision to travel, which included 17 countries on 4 continents, riding an ostrich in Vietnam, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and tabogganing down the Great Wall of China.  She said yes to everything!

One Big takeaway

Kim didn’t let fear paralyze her as she was putting together her travel plans. She decided to just let go, in a sense, whatever happens happens.  If she didn’t like a country, she could always travel back home.  She could always find another job.   She could always find a home and had a good support network of family and friends.   We always regret the things we don’t do, and that lead her to taking that final leap of faith and take her worldly journey.


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