Lori Harder – Earn Your Happy


About this episode

My special guest for this episode is Lori Harder.  Lori is the host of the Earn Your Happy podcast and is a leader in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness and is a self love junkie.  Lori is the host of the Earn Your Happy podcast and created The Bliss Project.  In this episode, we talked a lot about the self image issues Lori has struggled with and how she overcame them, fears she’s been able to overcome and how to turn actions into habits.

One big takeaway

Every single day you can take an action that makes you feel better.  It might not last all day, but it offers a glimmer.  And these glimmers can carry you throughout your.  You can create small habit shifts that make you feel better that add up to big changes over the long run.  When you first wake up, think about what can make you feel good right now.  The goal is to make the day a day that you feel happy.


Visit Lori’s website at Lori Harder and the Earn Your Happy podcast.  Follow Lori on Facebook.