Lori Heisler – Ready Fire Aim!

Lori Heisler podcast image

About this episode

Our special guest is Lori Heisler, the founder of The Leadership Influence.  Lori shares her journey of taking risks over the past few years, including leaving her assistant principal’s job only 2 years after getting her Master’s degree and starting her own leadership coaching business with no experience and not much money.  She also recently fulfilled a lifelong dream taking a volunteer trip to South Africa.

One Big takeaway

Lori lives by the mantra Ready, Fire, Aim.  She doesn’t let fear hold her back whether it’s quitting her career to start her own business, or traveling to South Africa without having the funds to do so.  Don’t let fear or anything else hold you back.  Do some planning ahead, but don’t overplan.  If you never fire, you might stay in the aim position, maybe forever.  If you want something, claim it!


Visit Lori’s website at The Leadership Influence.