• David Sean

    Hey Scott,

    You’re a perfect fit for my upcoming video summit “Stay
    Competition Ready: Fitness Experts Share How to Have Abs Year-Round
    While Eating What You Love and NEVER Counting Calories.”

    You’ll be in great company and I will be interviewing 21 experts
    such as yourself. Do you do interviews?

    Thank you,

    David Sean

  • London Sweeny c/o Belinda Swee

    Hey Scott, you look awesome. Belinda Sweeny from Dallas Texas. I attended your 6am bootcamps for years in Highland Park. Boy do I miss seeing you and attending your camp. I need help getting back in shape. How well does your program work for someone like me – 30+ pounds overweight, active but not as much as I use to be, in my 50s and I want to be as healthy as I use to be. Not sure if you remember but I had the knee issues but they are controllable. If you remember me can you tell me how your program might benefit me and if you don’t remember me, tell me how it benefits someone of my description.

    • scottcolby

      Hi Belinda,

      Of course I remember you! How the heck are you? I’m going to send you an email to your yahoo address.