Rocky Mountain Fitness Adventure – The Perfect Vacation?


I want you to imagine, for a moment, that you wake up after a very peaceful sleep, with a nice mountain breeze coming through the window.

You sit up in your bed and admire the gorgeous Rocky Mountains in the distance, eager to get your day started.

You begin your morning with an invigorating fat-blasting outdoor bootcamp workout in the crisp, clear, fresh, mountain air led by Scott Colby.

You finish the workout energized, and ready to nourish your body with a healthy breakfast.

On the menu this morning: oatmeal made with organic oats, with dried raisins and cranberries, agave nectar, ground cinnamon, and scrambled eggs with nut bread toast, bagels, fruit, orange juice or coffee / tea.

While you digest your breakfast, you settle in for an amazing and eye opening talk from peak performance expert Tom Terwilliger, who will reveal how to identify and tame your personal dragon of temptation and fear and create the confidence and determination of a true awakened hero.

Fresh off this inspirational and motivating talk, you set off for a hike which provides stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.  This seems like paradise and you feel so blessed to be alive with each step that you take on your journey.

After hiking, you’re ready for lunch as you’ve worked up quite an appetite.

On the menu: buffet style – cold turkey, chicken or ham, with wholewheat rolls, mixed salad, mixed nuts, cheese variety, snap peas, cottage cheese, potato salad, and coleslaw.

After lunch it’s time for some rest and relaxation.  After a short nap, you take some time to de-stress with a relaxing and rejuvenating 1 hour pampering massage.

Re-energized from your massage, you’re ready to tackle a fun mountain bike ride in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The scenery is gorgeous and the cool wind blowing through your hair feels wonderful as you cruise around on your bike, forgetting how much fun it even was to ride a bike, because you haven’t done it for so long.

After the bike ride, you head back to the lodge where you spend some time resting before dinner.  You take this opportunity to get to know the other 11 people on the adventure trip and you realize you’re making some new lifelong friends who you have a lot in common with.

Dinnertime couldn’t come soon enough as you’ve worked up quite an appetite from all of the days worth of activity.

On the dinner menu…chicken and veggie tortillas with black beans, salsa, rice, and green salad.

After dinner, you get to relax for a bit before taking part in a yoga class under the moonlit sky.  The Colorado evening is so beautiful with the stars shining so brightly, as you gently stretch your body, and you reflect on all that you did today, and how much fun you had.

After yoga, you take a warm shower, then stay up for a little bit longer talking to your new friends, wondering what the next day is going to bring.

You can’t believe this was just the first day of your adventure.

Was it real, or just a dream?  I mean, everything seemed so perfect.

Everything was indeed real.  It was just the beginning of the Rocky Mountain Fitness Adventure.

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See you there,