Sara Woodard Ortiz – Thrive Through Divorce

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About this episode

Our special guest is Sara Woodard Ortiz.  Sara shares her journey of going through a very difficult time in her life – divorce.  She describes how she found out that her husband had been cheating on her for 2 years, which was devastating for her, but that this was actually a time in her life for growth.  It was her time to thrive, and Sara shares how she was able to do exactly just that.

One Big takeaway

If your having a difficult time in the initial stage of your divorce and you tend to blame yourself for what happened, one of the first steps you can do is just to take a step back and be aware of these feelings and acknowledge them.  Then analyze what exactly you feel guilty about.  A lot of times, the emotion you have is not what you think it is.


Visit Sara’s website and check out her tools for healing during a divorce at Heartly Broken.