Should You Eat Fruit If You Want Six-Pack Abs?


You might know that I’m a big beiever in cutting way back on sugar if you want a flat stomach or six-pack abs.

But what about fruit?

Can you still eat fruit or do you need to give it up?

Well I’m a big believer in eating fruit, even while you’re trying to get your stomach as flat as possible.

In fact, when I want to get super lean, I always increase my consumption of fruit.

But I brought in registered dietitian Jayson Hunter, author of the Carb Rotation Diet, to answer this question on fruits that should clear up any confusion.

Listen in on our short audio and enjoy.

Have a great day!


  • Annette

    Hi Scott,
    I just listened to the fruit discussion and thought it was very good. I wondered if you have ever heard some of Tony Robbins old material in which he discusses cutting back on his fruit consumption after discovering he had some kind of parasites. I have been rejecting excess fruit as a diet staple, in fact I haven’t had a bananna in months, because fructose doesn’t feed my seretonin levels. Perhaps a discusion of specific fruits and their benefits would be helpful.

    Thanks for all you do!!!

  • Marilize

    Hi Scott!
    I listened to the discussion on fruit, as well as the replay of the Q&A call. The discussion on fruit was good, but your Q&A call was awesome!! Didn’t know what I really expected – but your motivation concepts and all the info you provided is really great!
    Thanks for your efforts in making this Q&A call – and the replay – possible for us!

  • Jayson Hunter

    I have not heard of Tony Robbins old stuff so I have not heard of his story of getting parasites from fruit. I am curious as to how he determined it came from fruit since you can get parasites from many things besides fruit. I would think that it would be hard to pinpoint the source of the parasite.

    All fruit has roughly the same ratio of fructose in them so just avoiding bananas isn’t the solution regarding serotonin levels. If that is the path you want to follow then you would have to avoid all fruits.

    Let me leave you with this piece of information that might help you make a decision as to what you want to do. Fructose is just one of many nutrients ingested when you eat a meal that includes fruit. Just because you eat fructose doesn’t mean that it automatically gets stored as fat or is detrimental to the body. Studies show that your digestion rate and how your body utilizes calories changes drastically when multiple nutrients are combined such as protein and sugar or sugar and fat, etc.

    So keep in mind that many nutrients when ingested solely by themselves may product certain results, but when do we eat only that 1 nutrient by itself. 95% of the time it is combined with other nutrients which the body then utilizes differently and more efficiently.

    Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS

  • helen

    Being open-minded about eating fruit is necessary but some people can tolerate fruit and others can’t all because of the state of their digestive track..when I was trying to heal my body from gangarene in my leg as well as ulcerative colitis as well as rheumatiod arthritis my body couldn’t tolerate fruits eaten after a meal as the fruit would putrify but as long as I ate fruit on an empty stomach that was when my body kept on detoxifying and that was when I would lose the weight!For me there was a definite connection between eating the fruit after a meal or eating fruit on an empty stomach. 10 years later and I still eat LOTS of fruit but only on an empty stomach!!Helen

  • fruit and water

    If you say eating fruit is bad in anyway just forget about working out, fruit is a god made food for humans, junk food such as cakes, yodels, soda,gatorade, mcdonalds is man made and i would rather drink water and eat fruit and protein meat made from a god to help me get ripped and healthy.