Ted Ryce – Overcoming Tragedies And Living a Legendary Life

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About this episode

Our special guest is Ted Ryce.  Ted is the creator of the Legendary Life podcast.  He’s gone through more personal tragedies than most of us will encounter in an entire lifetime including having a mentally ill mother who later on died in a car accident when he was 14, having his 9 year old brother abducted, raped and killed when he was 19, and a sister that committed suicide a couple of years ago.  He uses his stories to help people live a legendary life so we don’t waste one moment on this Earth and we can leave a legacy.

One big takeaway

You will not have the power to change if you have negative influences in your life.  Even if it’s your parents or your friends, you need to separate yourself from any negative influences.  Really be honest when you ask yourself who in your life is having a negative influence on you.  Then take the necessary action to separate from them.


Visit Ted’s website at Legendary Life Podcast

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