Tony Blauer: Understanding Fear And Changing Your Mindset So You Can Conquer Your Fears

The mind can easily play tricks on us.

We can master our craft in private, but really screw it up in public.

There are also a lot of us living our lives in fear – afraid to ask a girl out, fearful to ask for a raise, afraid of quitting a job to try something new, or a number of other fears.

In this episode of The Power To Change, we have a modern day warrior and self-defense expert who will teach you how to understand your fears and how you can change your mindset so you can conquer your fears.

Welcome to episode #24 with Tony Blauer

* Please note this podcast has some explicit language.

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Tony Blauer

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How fear held him back from ever winning a race in skiing, even though he was the best skier.
  • How his career choice of being a warrior and self defense master was connected to him being scared of getting beat up as a kid
  • Why we still question “do I really look like that” even after doing a sexy photo shoot, and the 1 thing that will change that.
  • Why some people are horrible at giving a public speech even though they are flawless when they are practicing it.
  • The Neurocircuitry of Fear and The Cycle of Behavior chart
  • The difference between being a coward or being discouraged
  • The differences between getting a “no” 20 times in a row vs never asking and never finding out
  • How taking self defense classes can help you overcome other fears you may have
  • How to recognize your fear and break out of it so you’re not living your life in fear
  • His #1 simple action step to make a change in life
  • And much more

Here is the Cycle of Behavior chart that Tony talked about

Cycle of Behavior

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  • Suzette

    Enjoyed the podcast. Also section on coaching, treating each client uniquely & how to maximize the most out of each one.

    • Scott Colby

      Thank you Suzette. I appreciate you listening!

  • Sharma

    Really enjoyed this. I have had a huge fear of tests for several years. I am at am point where I must change and fear has me backed in a corner. I thank you for the links and for Tony’s information. I am that person needing to change.