When is the Best Time to Eat Carbs and Protein for Six-Pack Abs?

I received a question recently that wanted to know if it was better to eat your carbs and proteins at the same time or should you keep these two nutrients separate and not eat them together.

Well there is actually a definite answer to this question if your goal is to strip away belly fat and even start to develop six-pack abs.

Jayson Hunter, author of The Carb Rotation Diet, was nice enough to hop on board and answer this question for us on this week’s Q&A.

Jayson revealed why you absolutely should be eating some protein at each and every meal.

This is essential if you want to look sexy in your swimsuit this year. : )

He also talked about how much protein we should be eating for an entire day and how much we should be eating at each meal.

We finished by giving you some really good protein options.

Check it out…..oh and if you don’t mind, keep asking us questions by leaving a comment.

We want to answer the questions that YOU want to know. : )

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  • helen

    Hello Fellows;
    The protein & Carbs at the same meal does not work for everybody. For me I can't combine my protein & carbs together at the same meal for the simple reason that to digest protein the stomach produces acid and to digest carbs the stomach produces an alkaline
    and when you combine a starch & a protein at a meal you are combining an acid & an alkaline at the same time creating a nuetral environment and for some of us it stops digestion which leads to fermentation. Also, when you combine a starch & a protein at the same time it takes about 7 hours to digest but when you eat a starch with a salad it takes about 2 hours and when you eat a protein with a salad it takes about 4 hours. This is what I learned when I was in a wheelchair 10 years ago and given two months to live. I learned how my digestion works and what I can and can't do. People need to do what works for them. They can recieve
    suggestions but it does not necessary mean it will work for them.Have a great day!!!Helen Cowan

  • nadine

    i have been diagnosed with PCOS which apperently is a result of Pre-diabetes (but my insulin level is with in limit), And i have been struggling with keeping my weight down. I work out on a regular basis but weight loss is slow. My question is, should i be following a certain nutrition plan targeted for my case?

  • Michel Chouinard

    hi i would like to know the most important things to know and most importantly when to eat them to get lean. i am right now mostly muscular but still want to lose that extra fat on my belly so my 6 pack is very visible. i know all the good and bad foods i would just like to know when to eat them and what else i need to know, thanks